Introducing The New Nationalist

I have agreed to contribute my articles to a new site. It is called fortuitously The New Nationalist (TNN), a name which was incredibly there for the taking, good karma. focuses on my issues, as well as nationalist and Third Position politics.

The site is better organized, has topics neatly archived for user-friendly, easy searches and access. I love the look and format. The Disqus comment format is used. The proprietors have stronger website skills than I do, plus they bring to the table excellent material in their own right. This is perfect for me, and I invite you to bookmark, follow and explore the site.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • mikeginn

    congrats on finding a new home, Russ.

  • jrackell

    There is no comment section at NewNationalist. Sad!

    • ?? I see it visible at bottom of each post.

      • jrackell

        Okay. Thanks, Russ. I now see it in Firefox; not in IE 11 on Windows, even though I’m getting Disqus on Radixjournal in the IE tab next to it. Well, maybe it’s a quirk on my system.

        Good luck on the new platform. I will definitely be a regular reader.

        • jrackell

          I guess I had the privacy blocker on in IE (“turn on tracking protection”) which was causing the problem.

  • Rufus Peckham

    hmm, okay