Put Your Sunglasses On: Hidden in Plain Sight, ‘They Live’

imagesAs I suggested in last week’s “Ass-Clown Gambit” post, the HFT-algo headline readers may be running the wrong program this week. Stanley Fischer did not come to the rescue at Jackson Hole. When FUBAR combined with Shemitah kicks in on this double cross, that’s when the markets are in big trouble.

For insight into the cabal mindset at this juncture, it’s essential to have a a thorough understanding of my core article “Cabalists, You Magnificent Bastards I Read Your Books!

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Freeport Cuts Production, Stock Rewarded

CNeNtNdUwAAq_D6First it was a “conspiracy theory,” then a rumor and now the financial media is finally confirming it. China is unloading U.S. Treasuries, particularly aggressively starting Aug. 11. This is about the time the correction in the stock market intensified. It also showed up in T-bill volatility.

The question now is what will China do with its dollar proceeds? So far, it has been forced to bailout government-run enterprises. Could some of this trickle into gold as well? Seems plausible.

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Revealing Roanoke Shooting Video Scrubbed from the Internet

Follows up this article.    Update: twelve hours after my posting a researcher has located a split screen video at Live Leaks.

The Crime Syndicate moved yesterday to scrub and cover up all vestiges of the very revealing full split-screen videos of the Roanoke shooting false flag. It is gone from YouTube. THE VIDEOS IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA ARE ALL EDITED! My article on Wednesday had about 10,000 views and 800 Facebook likes, so hopefully that means a good number of visitors to my site saw the split screen with their own eyes before evidence of this absurd B-movie deceit went offline.

If I had the resources of a full production company, I would be copying and downloading these videos onto my own server before they are scrubbed from the Internet. Fortunately, we do have some money-shot still photos to analyze, and at least the original shooter video is preserved at LiveLeak.

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A New Crescendo of Extreme Deep Value

Labor, management and the South African government are signing an accord to try and salvage the platinum industry and jobs. One step of note is to make platinum a monetary metal. Given the great scarcity of this metal, it would take very little from South Africa itself to make a difference. If Russia quietly joined in, all the more so.

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If You Believe The Roanake Shooting, You’ll Believe Anything

The latest shooting hoax in Roanoke features a black “disgruntled former employee” pulling a Glock 9mm on three people live on the air, gunning them down in a hail of hollow-point bullets. There’s no need for the kind of extensive evaluation I did on Charleston. There’s really no need to discuss the deliberate, evil and tiresome racial agitprop narrative either.

This one is aggressive, in-your-face chutzpah and a chance for both blacks and whites to finally wake up to directed psy-ops fraud. If you can believe this shooting scene then they have you firmly in their grip. You can be made to believe and accept anything.  What you will watch is a combination of twilight language and taking you into a dream state rabbit hole. Here the criminals will deliberately push the envelope and test the very limits of your credulity.  For more information on how these psychological hoaxes work, see this article.

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After Ass-Clown Gambit Reversed, Are Bullard, Fischer Up Next?

imgresThe James Cramer/Apple, China Loosening ass-clown rally completely reversed and in ugly fashion. Now dual U.S.-Israeli citizen and ZOG mucky muck Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer will be speaking at Jackson Hole this weekend. The topic: U.S. inflationary conditions. The drooling ass clowns may be playing for him to remove the September rate hike, or more.


The high-frequency traders (HFT) who dominate the “market” are programmed for every real or imagined feed-the-ass clown news headline from networks that no one watches such as CNBC.  Is Stanley going to pull out and dust off the Bernanke’s break-even inflation chart used before QE2? One could certainly argue that he could considering  “the Master-of-the Universe Committee” is more comfortable with about 2% on the 5-year inflation expectation gobbledygook.


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Yes, The Ass Clowns Were Out in Force Monday

12432952993_830297a9ca_bClown Watch: The Crime Syndicate indeed played the ass-clown card yesterday in the form of an illegal fluff email sent from Apple CEO Tim Cook that was read aloud on the air by the king of the ass clowns, CNBC’s James Cramer.  BTW: my post was titled yesterday way before this played out. This took the QQQ, which was in Black Monday crash mode, all the way back to unchanged before fading about 3% before the close. This move may have the Fed’s fingerprints on it, or it could have been little more than a tawdry pump-and-dump operation to scam and freeze traders in a wild market, or as likely both. Anybody who bought late in that ramp deserves to be sheared by the Mafia.


Brazil job losses

Overnight, in the quietest time in the 24-hour session, we see a 3% rally. Meanwhile, credit continues to deteriorate. The EMB — dollar developing-market debt — never did get a bid. Brazil reports nearly 300,000 jobs were lost in June-July, and we all know what August will look like. Brazil is days away from a downgrade to junk. The same situation is true of Turkey, South Africa and many others. Ass clown inspired rallies don’t change that.

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Black Monday? Will the Fed Feed the Ass Clowns?

The Commitment of Traders (CoT) in gold last Tuesday was not problematic. Managed money did swing a bit more long and can be seen to have covered a few shorts, but the swap dealers are still positioned very bullish. The small specs liquidated more longs and are very vulnerable.

We are reaching the point in which the news networks have rolled out the ass clowns to call for more bailouts and QE. It’s probably just a matter of pain degree before the Fed spoon feeds them. But will it matter?

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Part II: The Neo-Feudal Master Plan

The collapse of American and European pension funds discussed in Part I is a component of a neo-feudal master plan. The cabalists are very much interested in tearing up and eliminating these pensions and social safety nets. I have been showing their forewarnings on these pages. This week, Greenspan weighed in on the bond bubble bursting. The same impoverishment principle is being applied as we speak to the developing world via the mechanism of full scale currency collapse.

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