Introducing The New Nationalist

I have agreed to contribute my articles to a new site. It is called fortuitously The New Nationalist (TNN), a name which was incredibly there for the taking, good karma. The focuses on my issues, as well as nationalist and Third Position politics.

The site is better organized, has topics neatly archived for user-friendly, easy searches and access. I love the look and format. The Disqus comment format is used. The proprietors have stronger website skills than I do, plus they bring to the table excellent material in their own right. This is perfect for me, and I invite you to bookmark, follow and explore the site.

Winter Watch ( will revert back to a subscriber-only website focusing on markets and investments. The archive will stay online here, but the more important articles will be republished over time at TNN.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The Consequences of the 9/11 Bill

I submit that the 9/11 Bill passed 97-1 by Congress will prove to be a massive geopolitical and economic game-changer. It is signalling that the crisis stage is coming, and should be a primary focus. The Saudis were secondary players in 9/11 and in many respects are patsies and are now being used for slide misdirection. As such dragging these cases into New York courts is effectively an act of total war. The Saudis will respond according.

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