Umpqua Shooting: Same Ol’ In-Your-Face Script

CaptureThe Umpqua Community College shooting on Thursday bears all the hallmarks of a hoax. For example, the press was kept away, the students on campus had their communication devices confiscated and the ATF and FBI were immediately on the scene. Details about what happened are scant or contradictory. First, it was said the shooter was gunned down by officers, then it was said he committed suicide. The media also reported that the school has only has one security officer, but the Internet’s “Wayback” machine indicates four. Reports said Mercer entered the classroom and told those who are Christian to stand up, which means he had the time and wherewithal to take a class poll on religion before shooting Christians in the head, others in the legs. By the way, a “coinkydink” active-shooter drill was held the week prior.

A Google image search turns up pictures that are hardly shocking or indicative of a mass-shooting war zone. The images are much more about selling emotion. I do see a couple show stretchers with undetermined “somethings” on them. They wouldn’t do a rerun of the LAX shooting dummies would they? If this was a real event, there would be no need to hold back. One would expect all crime scene details to flow freely for public safety so so that people could comprehend and dissect it.

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As Phony as a $3 Bill, and Questions From an Old-Fangled Guy


HYG (junk bonds) : Down about 10% since May

Yesterday in my subscriber post, I asked the following question: How can the HYG (high-yield) etf only be off 10% since May given that the great majority of junk bond issues show 10% plus losses for three months running? Is there a unique two-tier pricing system? Debunkers, please help an old-fangled guy understand.


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Middle East Wars Enter New Phase With Russian Campaign Against ISIL

Russia wasted little time Wednesday doing what the U.S. “coalition” appeared to be refusing to do: Hit ISIL targets in Syria hard. IFX confirmed that Russian flew 20 sorties and advised U.S. planes to stay out of Syrian air space. ISIL command centers (Zio neocon assets) in Syria’s mountains were claimed to be destroyed. The West responded by claiming Russia had taken out “rebel” non-ISIL positions.

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Arab Christians Support Hezbollah

CaptureIt may come as some surprise that that sentiment among Christian Arabs is almost universally pro-Hezbollah. In their view, Hezbollah are their protectors and allies in Lebanon — and in Syria, where Christians are regularly murdered at the hands of the ZOG U.S.- and Zio-backed ISIS and al Qaeda mercenary goons. Arab-Christian Special Forces (CSF) fight alongside Muslim Hezbollah. Here is a concert in Lebanon during which popular Arab-Christian singer Julia Butross honored Hezbollah. For perspective, Christians comprise 41% of the population of Lebanon and 12% of the population of Syria.

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The Sunny Side to a Derivatives Blow Up: Price Discovery for Metals (Free Article)

There’s increased scuttlebutt that derivative trades are blowing up, and that counter parties are failing. There’s a blow out in Corporate CDS sector in general. The suspects involved a range of players, from Deutsche Bank (likely), to commodity kingpin Glencore. Until the tide goes out completely, we won’t really know. On the issue of commodities, there seems to be an assumption that the leveraged paper trades are on the long side or inventory side. That notion is not just untrue, it’s ludicrous. In fact, I would suggest that the leveraged paper trades on a variety of metals — and especially the precious metals — are very crowded speculative short sales.

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A Case Study in Luciferian Calling Cards

imagesOpportunities abound to awaken the slumbering masses about the psychopathic, Luciferian takeover and take down. I see it constantly; but for the purpose of illustrating this for my readers, I focus on the more blatant examples. One that stands out in particular is the storytelling involving Cassidy Stay and the “murder” of her family. This incident reinforced my awakening. The following video gives the details. This “recovery” and performance of Stay’s just a few days after trauma is right up there with the in-your-face, “walking with angels,” bravo-sierra recovery of Vicki Gardner after the Roanoke shooting, which awakened many. She even uses the same playing possum ploy as Gardner.

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