The Donald Plays the Cruz-Oswald Trump Card

In a gesture highly illustrative of what a complete freak show America’s kleptocratic democracy is, Donald Trump played the Rafael Cruz (Ted Cruz’s father)-Lee Harvey Oswald card on Tuesday. Up to now, this true story was only found buried on obscure truth sites like this one for a few thousand “conspiracy nuts” to read. I’m sure most who had read it laughed at me once again. Yes, laugh, suckers.

But now the The Donald himself is out with this accusation about the Cruz, Sr.-Oswald connection. What a beautiful defining moment for kleptocratic democracy.

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Fed Sycophants Put Rate Hike on the Table, Markets Cry Wolf

The criminals at the cabal-owned private central bank known as “the Fed” clearly have earned a cry-wolf reputation when it comes to normalizing monetary conditions. That’s what eight years of expansive, easy money without positive economic results will do. The “market’s” expectations of a rate hike in June or July are so low that it was necessary to haul out two Fed empty suits to try and shake things up.

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A Wake-Up Call on NGO ‘Human Rights’ Deep-State Fronts

Corbett Report  offers an excellent interview with Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire. The topic is what Henningsen calls the NGO “Human Rights Industry.” These are effectively warmongering lies and neocon fronts under humanitarian pretenses. I see this as part of the Anglo-Zionist Crime Syndicate deep state involving George Soros and his brood, combined with the neocon-controlled media. Incidentally, according to a new Pew research poll, mainstream media has a 6% approval rating. Think about that for a moment. The NGO’s front operation is superbly laid out in the following video.

Interruption of Falsifying Financial Asset Prices Dead Ahead?

The oscillators show that gold stocks are the second most overbought they have been in the past 22 years.

NUGT (leveraged gold miners) total assets have increased by more than $300 million in the last few weeks as leveraged traders continue to bet big on the rally in the gold miners. The sentiment is aggressive and euphoric. This activity represents blind flows, not fundamental analysis or real feet-on-the-ground investigating. As such, pricing is willy-nilly, with many undeserving names benefiting. This is not a market that I like.

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Hope That Someday Huey Long Will Return

They don’t make ’em like this anymore.

At some point as kleptocratic democracy and it’s faux economy crashes and burns in the U.S., it will be time to resurrect the great populist Huey Long. Long represents more hidden, suppressed history and has been labeled by the Crime Syndicate as a buffoon. Nothing could be further from the truth. He has also been called a demagogue, which Long addressed thusly, “I would describe a demagogue as a politician who don’t keep his promises.”

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