Precious Metals Positioning: Nobody Seems to Be Blinking

Overnight we got news from Zimbabwe (aka Japan) that more serious money printing is underway. It makes one wonder if a crack-up boom collapse of the Yen is now in the works. In that scenario, the preferred trade will not be U.S. Treasuries and JGBs. The huge Japanese pension fund and world’s No. 1 patsy GPIF dropped its allocation in JGB from 53% to 35%, putting this difference into domestic and global equities. Reuters just reported they were already under 50% JGBs. That just turns Auntie Yui’s funds over to parasite guildists.

But for here and now, the drop in the yen is associated with a “strong dollar” and is used to short even more precious metals. I can only imagine how enormous this peak paper-worshiper short position is right now. Just needs a match.

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Show Me the Real Sellers

GOFO rates are even more negative, indicating shortages of physical metal: One Month Rate -0.0775%; Two Month Rate -0.0425%.

Once again, and on a $17 down day, we see a large increase in Crimex gold open interest of 7,161 contracts, silver by 3,043, which equates to more naked short selling. Long liquidation or short covering would bring OI down, not up. Friday’s CoT will bring us up to date through Tuesday on Slinger shorts with PoG at $1,232.

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Could China Have 10,000 Tonnes, and What Would be the Ramifications?

In an article by Chris Hamilton, “China 10,000 Tonnes Gold Reserve? Could Have Been Done With Ease,” there are two data points to consider: First, China has bought no new Treasuries since August 2011; and second, China ran a $951 billion trade surplus during that period.

There isn’t a shadow of a doubt in my mind that China’s monetary authorities have bought all of that country’s production over the last five years. That would be about 1,800 tonnes. I think they also buy what its ally Russia has left over after official and domestic purchases, which between 2009 and 2014 might have been 300 tonnes. So roughly 3,150 tonnes is the starting point for this exercise and one most analysts would probably agree.

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With Criminals In Control, What’s The Average Person To Do?

I actually get very good traffic on my open posts on the cabal’s criminal practices. But I also get the impression that people who are paying attention are speechless or even afraid. There is very little commentary.

But once in awhile I also receive thoughtful comments by e-mail from readers. One arrived this morning from “Kate” and specifically addressed bio-weapons. Here is my response. But this is an open forum and if others care to chime in (without engaging in gas-lighting), have at it.

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Are Chinese on a Prepping Binge Using Proxies?

A Wall Street Journal story on Monday, which was later expounded upon by  Zero Hedge, caught my eye because it suggested a long whale had entered the copper market and taken down more than half the inventory on the London Metal Exchange (LME). Incredibly, the LME has no limit on positions.

Several posts I have written of late are about supply and inventory shortages and the disequilibrium developing in a number of commodity markets. These markets have become quite maladjusted and distorted in terms of real economics, because they have been heavily leaned on by speculative slingers, who are all in playing some cockeyed deflation, “King Dollar” trade.

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Short Termism Creating Shortages

Unfortunately there is a severe lag in the reporting of coal inventories. The latest data shows that through August and likely going into a colder winter, sub-bituminous coal was down to very low levels.

I have reported that copper and natural gas have a similar profile. Meanwhile manipulators like Goldman Sachs makes bearish calls to their muppets. The China slow down should not be a new story at this stage. In fact, China is opportunistic and using the sale on energy to import more oil and gasoline. Gasoline was imported for the first time since 2011.

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A Question of Weaponized Ebola

RONALD QUAIL: Do you believe in conspiracy theories, Gary?

GARY WEBB: No, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. Conspiracies, yes. If I believe it, there’s nothing theory about it.

The aforementioned is a scene from the great, must-see movie, “Kill the Messenger.”

In my recent article about Kenema bio-lab as the source of the Ebola outbreak, I discussed exploiting malfeasance as the modus operandi for creating global terror to forward a criminal agenda. However, Dr. Francis Boyle, who wrote the 1989 Biological Weapons and Anti-Terrorism Act, suspects Ebola bio-weapons are involved.

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