Another Wildly Bullish CoT Report in Gold

The Crimex Commitment of Traders (CoT) this week showed that managed-money slingers shorted even more into a rising market. I believe this net long position of 11,435 to be the most extreme (and bullish) on record [see blue line on chart below]. Also notable is that small speculators jettisoned 5,160 longs. So as of Tuesday, there was considerable short-covering fuel and spec potential for going long.

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O Inimigo Dentro (The Enemy Within)

Beyond just not running it, the crime syndicate media tries to make this latest story from Intercept about lethal military equipment being sold (see Fast and Furious) on Ebay and Craigslist sound like incompetence instead of the Crime Syndicate operation that it actually is. Even a soldier selling khakis at a pawn store will land up in prison for years, but not this? Spare me.

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Fast and Furious Revisited

The fast and furious drug and gun racket involving the corrupt US Attorney General Eric Holder, the FBI and ATF, was one of the biggest eye-openers that made me realize the severe, evil criminal nature of the Cabal that has captured control of the US.

Largely unreported and twisted into a partisan issue by the U.S. puppet media, but getting plenty of play in Mexico, was a story broken by Mexico’s large newspaper El Universal. I read the story in Spanish, but a good interpretation of it is available here that includes a link for the Spanish readers among you.

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‘Lost Equipment’ Stories for the Dumb and Dumbers

The hubris and audacity of the crime syndicate knows no bounds. Reportedly, the U.S. government “lost” or “misplaced” a half a billion dollars worth of military equipment in Yemen as a result of the sudden reversal of fortunes. This is what the crime syndicate thinks of your intelligence.

If you believe this yarn, the “Dumb and Dumber” meme applies. No, it is much worse than that. Those who believe stories like this, to quote Brad Pitt’s character in “12 Monkeys,” deserve, for the sake of humanity, to be “shaved, sterilized and destroyed.”

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