Is the Ferguson “Planned Response” Organized, Bought and Paid For?

As the grand jury rules on the Darren Wilson shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, we are witnessing a highly organized effort to promote a “planned response” in 83 cities. They aren’t even calling it a protest and are holding, “direct action training” meetings. Obama calls for protesters to “stay on course.” Who evens uses this language? That alone should be a red flag. There have been multiple city organizing meetings. Who pays for these? In addition, the media is whipping up into a frenzy over Ferguson.  Meanwhile Obama gives an unconstitutional executive order to grant large scale amnesty to illegal aliens. The divisive slave labor measure isn’t even popular with legalized Hispanics in the U.S. Separately, large scale protests are getting more violent in Mexico, also as a result of police and state criminal conduct. Continue reading

New Gold Scuttlebutt

The is some scuttlebutt that Russia may incorporate a partially backed ruble to put some heft and support into its cabal-attacked currency. This makes a lot of sense given that Russia now has about 28% gold reserve backing to its narrow ruble money supply. Compare that to 2% for the U.S., if indeed the gold at Ft. Knox hasn’t all been leased out. Russia scarfed up another 18.6 tonnes in October.

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Abe Calls Election Because of Revolt in Ruling Coalition

FreeLast night, I started to write a post on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s call for a “snap” election in Japan, which will likely be scheduled for Dec. 14. When I awoke this morning and prepared to finish the post, I noticed Zero Hedge beat me to it and nailed it to boot. No reason to reinvent the wheel. Notice that the surveys of Japanese opinions was from Sept. 14. We know that in global currency terms, the Yen has since been trashed another 10% in value, mostly in just three short weeks. Further, despite looting the state muppet pension fund to feed various equity bubbles, that really hasn’t worked either.

Abenomics has been little more than wholesale looting of Japan’s pensions and other financial assets aimed at supporting the cabal in the U.S. If he is cast out, that will change. So look for conflict, scandal and trouble leading up to the election.

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An Epic Struggle

Wednesday looked like an epic struggle between entrenched longs and the slinger/muppet contingent. First, slinger orchestrated a drop below 1180 support for the purpose of triggering stops. Those didn’t appear to be evident, and the $20 drop was entirely reversed. The attacking trades involved are shown. Then slinger tried a second assault off of the gibberish in the Fed minutes. This was also round tripped. Not to be outdone a third attack pinned PoG near $1,180.

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Cabal Crime Syndicate Loots Ukraine’s Gold

Last March and soon after the coup d’etat in Kiev, a convey of four trucks and two cargo minibuses pulled in at Kiev’s Boryspil airport in the wee hours of the morning. A band of black ops then loaded an aircraft with heavy boxes. The plane then flew off.

Rumors emerged that the Ukraine’s official  gold reserve was “hauled off to the U.S.” But there was no official confirmation from the new government as to whether there was an operation, and where the gold went. There was also no official confirmation on the receiving end either. Per usual, those who questioned the incident were mocked as “conspiracy theorists.” Elements of the story can be gleaned here. 

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The Latest ISIS Beheading Hoax Hollywood Production

“ISIS”decided to show the “beheadings in action” this time. The video found at this link is the uncut version with all the ridiculous theatrical beheading special effects carried out on twenty-four alleged “Syrians.”  The “victims” and “perpetrators” look like they were just groomed, shaven and given skin treatments straight out of the Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood.  The acting is especially weak. Notice little if any blood on their hands, knives, boots, or clothing afterwards.

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Will Muppets Be Taken Out Back to the Trash?

There is a theory circulating that if the Swiss Gold Referendum passes, the SNB will revert to swap gimmicks to pretend the gold is on the books. I think in fact that is what they will do. Superficially, this looks like a bankster free ride. But I say not: It is a bridge too far. Just anticipation of this explains why one-month GOFO is trading at -0.022%. This gimmick  will make gold swaps and leasing expensive across the board and make physical gold even more dear.

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SITE’s Latest Hoax: ISIS Gold Currency (Free Article)

The psy-ops goons at SITE (Search for International Terrorist Entities) — the people who brought you the Osama bin Laden “videos” and ISIS “beheading” performances — are back with another fabricated and absurd hoax: the ISIS gold coin currency. I covered the SITE operation thoroughly in this previous post.

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