Epidemic False Flag Predictive Programming on US Mainstream Media

False flag predictive programming is in overdrive on all sides.

For background, refer to the “Trading Sgt. Bergdahl” post here. For more background on what Obama’s big troubles are with the military, former intelligence and foreign services, listen to Steve Pieczenik’s talk on “What Happened at Benghazi.”

What to Look For if Psychopathic Cabal is Behind the West African Ebola Outbreak

A Liberian Ebola outbreak update: For whatever reason, the U.S. news coverage of the intense outbreak in Liberia has all but disappeared. However, a new Dutch report gives us some clues:

“Because there are not enough emergency clinics and regular healthcare is not functioning most Ebola patients can not be recorded. Therefore, the clinic expanded by another dozen beds. But even that is not enough.

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Liberia’s West Point Slum: Ebola Pandemic Ready to Erupt (Free Article)

“Quarantine is a measure that goes back to the Middle Ages. It’s a reflection really of ignorance and panic. Mass quarantine of this kind really has no place at all in disease control.” – Dr. Richard Schabas, formerly chief medical officer for Ontario


Liberia’s West Point slum was an environmental and health bio-hazard zone long before the arrival of ebola. The area which populates 70,000 people totally lacks proper sanitation. A report by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimates that there are four public toilets in the area. Public defecation is common and the beach surrounding West Point is often used a lavatory, which creates health hazards as the water is used for drinking and fish from the water are consumed. Inquiring minds might ask: Why hasn’t the UN installed a couple dozen porta-potties?

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Sept. 29: China’s Precious Metal Yuan Market Launch

Another key date to add to yesterday’s post is Sept. 29, when China storms out of the gate with a global, yuan, precious metals market. This will overwhelm the Crimex and London exchanges. Reuters now reports the new SGE  gold exchange has signed up more members (40)  than targeted (30). At the about the same time, a new kilobar contract is to be launched in Singapore.

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General McInerney’s Fox News Appearance: Just More Fear-Mongering or a False Flag Warning?

In our Orwellian world pretty much anything featured on Fox News (and CNN and MSNBC) is either propaganda or fear mongering, especially when it involves Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly.

The Aug. 23 Fox interview of retired neo-con Deep State operative Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney [background] takes the cake. The dilemma is that false flag attacks involve a narrative of creating the problem before there is a reaction and then the solution.  Is this just standard cry-wolf fear mongering or something much more sinister?

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End of QE to Lead to Whodathunk Market Crash (Free Article)

Ongoing statements by the Rothschilds (aka Fed) have given every indication QE will end in October. It is illustrative that this is happening during September/October, historically the season when busts and crashes emerge. Psychopathic oligarchs are doing their part (see George Soros’ Psychopathic Reveal) by warning about market swoons. It all seems part of the pattern of staging raids and conditioning the public to accept a desired solution.

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The Chinese Buying Binge

For the third straight day the Chinese went on a buying binge on the Shanghai Gold Exchange, this time picking up 357,000 ounces. This again proves the point about paper price attacks on precious metals: The Chinese buy the dips, and  it leads to more and more physical metal moving into the coffers of those challenging the U.S. hegemony, namely China and Russia. It leaves a bigger void of leased out gold for western central banks to never recover. It is a failed approach.

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