More Bozo Turkish Action, and the Hallmarks of Another Hoax in Minneapolis

The Turks seem to be front and center with nutty-bozo behavior. For instance, they just downed a Russian SU-24 over Syrian territory. One crewman was killed and his body captured by what is most likely ISIS given that Latakia is the staging area from where the battle for Zahia Heights is being fought today.

The Russians would have no reason to fly into Turkish air space, nor did the plane crash there. The footage shows the jet coming straight down. Putin calls this “backstabbing.” This can’t be good.

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Israeli Security Model Proposed for Europe, US

It didn’t take long to see what the real agenda was with the Paris attack fraud. Now comes an interview with Breitbart Jerusalem that proposes the Israeli Mossad model for “combating terrorism.” These measures include deploying armed guards to protect soft targets like restaurants, shopping centers and movie theaters.

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Countering the One-Trick Ponies Using the Iconic Sandy Hook ‘Evacuation’ Photo

Those who question the Crime Syndicate’s often times poorly executed false flags, hoaxes and frauds are called nuts, crazy, insane and sick. This overused one-trick pony loses its efficacy over time. The school of one-trick pony debate typically looks like this. In many discussions about these events you will see comment after comment like this, and these are the kinder ones.


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Rita Katz’s SITE (aka ISIS) Releases New Fake Video


Rita strikes again

Through her intense “monitoring of social media,” notorious Ziopath propaganda spinmeister Rita Katz somehow came up with yet another ISIS threat video, this time directed at Washington, D.C.

The first animated speaker makes his appearance sporting a huge, bad-ass black beard. Seriously, who could possibly grow a heavy beard like that? “ISIS” must have a terrific dental plan with those bleached white teeth.  I suggesting watching the video enlarged. The animated character’s lips move a bit out of sequence with his words.

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Examination of a Historic Bull Read on the Gold CoT

In my SWAG this week guessing what the net swing would be for the Commitment of Traders (CoT) speculators in gold, I used a range of 20,000-40,000 net new shorts. For the managed money and small specs combined, it came at 40,223 net shorts. That’s 4,022,300 oz. of paper gold sold to knock PoG down $20 from $1,090 to $1,070. For gold bears, that’s a lot of ammo used up for little traction. This has to rate super bullish. The next question is just how much traction the bulls can get on the rally.

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Paris Hoax? Illuminati Symbols Outside Bataclan Magic Door

maps triangleGoogle Maps is truly incredible. Its Street View feature shows everything, even the most obscure back alleys of Paris, like Pasagge Saint-Pierre Amelot, the alleyway behind the Paris’ Bataclan concert hall. According to Google, their driver/photographer documented the passageway in June of this year, just five months before the terror attack.

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Magic Door of Bataclan: Debunking the Debunkers

Anybody who has been reading me on the topic of the Paris terror attack knows that I am calling out the fraudulent “Dealey Plaza 1963” imagery and trying to wake people up to this method and this ploy.

In the case of the Bataclan’s magic back door, the debunkers have put out a GIF of what I call the “lightning boy apparition” coming out of the wall at 1:20 of Psenny’s video.

The debunkers may not have realized it, but they have provided us the most ludicrous view of the farce yet with this one. Now we can just loop it over and over for close examination. It is just that they stopped a second too soon.

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