Alibaba Those Ponzi Units (Free)

The primary pressure on gold and silver is managed-money (aka slinger), speculative, paper-short attacks — period! We will get another read on the hole these actors have dug themselves into from the CoT later today. With China’s new international exchange open, its premium there has gone up to around $4 to $5; in Hong Kong, it’s about $1 to $2; in Singapore, it’s about $1.70 to $2; and in India, it’s about $6 to $7. Deliveries in Shanghai continue at a rate of 8 tonnes daily. This suggests that gold will arbitrage toward those locales — that’s if the western gold can even be rounded up. Paper doesn’t count in these Asian markets. There are now huge gold vaults throughout the region that will need to be accommodated.

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Denver Gold Forum 2014: Lydian

These are update notes on Lydian (LYD). Please refer to the archives for the main write up on this company and more background.

For those non-subscribers who are actually paying attention to the sector, I have decided to open access for a couple of days to all of these forum reports. It will be without fanfare and at my leisure in a week or two. Or you can devote about a 30 minutes listening to each company’s forum presentation yourself. But the best option is to subscribe now and gain full access before a gold bull market gets underway.  I’d rather have subscribers now rather than after the fact.

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The Real Indicator: Peak Ponzi Units (Free Article)

The Fed on Wednesday announced it would reduce its monthly purchase rate by $10 billion to $5 billion in mortgage-backed securities and by $5 billion to $10 billion per month in Treasuries beginning Oct. 1. The entire QE program is over at the end of October. There were charts, graphs, explanations trying to quantify the unquantifiable babble of berserk central planners, but I will have none of that.

The ECB’s program is effectively a zero-interest loan in which to carry trade into more Ponzi units. However, interest in Ponzis is so slack that the counter parties only took €82.6 billion against expectations of €200 million.

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Belgium’s Dutroux Pediphile and Child Rape Affair: A Road Map for Deep-State Criminality (Free Article)

Even before I came across the shocking and sordid story of Belgian child murderer, kidnapper and rapist Marc Dutroux, I strongly suspected that compromised individuals are actively recruited into positions of power — particularly within the deep-state intelligence, law enforcement, judiciary and media. In the course of my research, I discovered that it goes far beyond just compromising enforcers and gatekeepers. Satanists and pedophile rapists are put into the control grid not just because they can be controlled, but they typically are completely lacking in any moral scruples.

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Denver Gold Forum 2014: Luna Gold (Free Article)

I will be going through the key names from the Denver Gold Forum one by one and will be posting my notes and impressions. This is a large conference, but  during the next week I would like to cover at least 15 of the names that I use. I will be making two of these posts, including the first one, available to non-subscribers, with the balance protected for paid subscribers. Archived webcasts are available here. First up: Luna Gold.

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A European Fit

Europe’s electorate is fitful.  Events have had a tendency to sneak up on the establishment. Friday saw the largest demonstration in the history of Barcelona with 1.8 million people showing up, exceeding all previous records, calling for Catalan independence. Sweden’s elections took out the political center as the power moves left and far right. The far right National Front has gained big traction in France. Scotland’s independence vote comes up Thursday and outcome is unknown. The cabal is struggling with voters, which is all the greater reason for false flags and boogeymen.

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Third Time a Charm to End the Freak Show?

If you eyeball Gene Arensberg’s managed-money, short-position chart below, you will see that regular managed-money (slinger) short attacks are not the norm. It has become endemic only in the last few years. Even at the 2009 bottom, slingers were only very briefly shown to have elevated short positions in gold and silver. But in the last two years this has reached freak show proportions. I am particularly keying on the slinger’s last three paper attacks, during the period when the price of gold (PoG) was generally range-bound.

The chart below shows the short position on Sept. 2, but the most recent read was 58,501 contracts. That was with PoG at $1,256 last Tuesday, Sept. 9. It seems that an all-out slinger paper attack will hit gold by a factor of about $15 per 10,000 paper short contracts. POG ended the week down, at $1,230, so that would be another 20,000 contracts (60 tonnes), likely bringing slinger’s short position to close to  80,000, which is a bit higher than the last attack and near the level of the previous two. Could slingers take this off the chart to over 90,000 and take POG down another $15? Sure, but that would be a very precarious position. The managed-money/slinger position in silver is similar.

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