Silver Bull Resources

Silver Bull Resources (SVBL) will finally close the sale of its non-core Gabonese properties after signing an initial agreement 13 months ago. This brings in $1.5 million cash, takes working capital up to $3 million and probably allows the company to avoid dilution. This is a large and I think economical silver-zinc deposit in Mexico to which the “market” has assigned a nominal enterprise value of $20 million.

Although the “market” has slept through this story, it is high enough on the radar screen of producers that Silver Bull has signed no less than 14 confidentiality agreements with so-called “strategic parties.”

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American Academi Goons on the Ground In Mariupol, Ukraine

Just a few days before the fighting erupted in Mariupol, Ukraine, U.S. mercenary Academi goons are spotted on the ground there. Listen to this operative speak with a perfect western or midwestern American accent (exactly how I would speak) at 0:37. Footage is from Ukrainian TV. This is the shadow government, deep state in action, and I would bet they are paid for in part by George Soros and his cabalist cronies. Mariupol is ethnically split and putting American goons in would like pulling a bone from a mad dog and spoiling for a fight.

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ECB Move is Not Executable

Incredibly as the Greek elections arrive, we see one quarter of the $7 trillion in bonds issued by euro zone government are trading at negative yields. The insolvent sovereigns of Europe and the U.K. and U.S. — trade at nominal yields. Lost in the shuffle on the ECB move is that 80% of the liability rests with the individual insolvent national central banks and not Germany. That’s how this scam was sold.

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The Only Profitable Fleece Trade Remaining


The cabalists are pow wowing in Switzerland today. Reportedly, 1,700 private jets have arrived in Davos, where they will discuss the latest fleece trade. That would be fear and panic. The ECB’s Ewald Nowotny leads off Thursday’s already discounted bazooka by suggesting the muppets “shouldn’t get overexcited.”

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Gray State Director and Family Found Dead of “Apparent Suicide”

David Crowley, the creator of the unfinished martial law film “Gray State,” and his wife and daughter were found dead yesterday of an “apparent murder-suicide.” RIP. Get this viral.

The “Gray State” trailer and a preview is below and has had more than one million YouTube views to date.

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