Fourth of July Warnings from the Crime Syndicate

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” — Benjamin Franklin

There are warnings from the Crime Syndicate that “terrorists” may be planning to attack Independence Day events. FBI agents are reportedly telling friends and family members to avoid major July 4 celebrations. The FBI has canceled vacation for all of its agents for the duration of the weekend.

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Massive Descending Triangle Base in Silver: Set Up for a Breakout?

For those thinking that this period of watching paint dry means you will continue to have the opportunity to buy cheap when the bell rings, keep WD Gann’s quote in mind: “The most money is made when fast moves and extreme market fluctuations occur at the end of a major cycle.”

Morris Hubbart

The silver price has been basing at the end of a massive declining triangle. Against this backdrop, we are witnessing an extreme speculative slinger short position on the Crimex, a major surge in western physical demand and a fledgling delivery raid at the Crimex. This is occurring right as China embarks on a massive five-year plan to build out a solar system that will require substantial amounts of silver. Will this break the triangle to the upside?

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Scrutiny of the Tunisian ‘Terror Attack’

This Tunisian B movie features yet another phantom-looking armed “Muslim terrorist” in black garb running up and down the beach, throughout a resort, and out onto the street.

In the video provided, the script reader says that the scene is “utterly shocking” and “bodies are everywhere.” Look carefully starting at 1:45 in the video as the cameraman goes through the dining area, into the beach umbrella section and then walks back toward the hotel.

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Are Haircuts the New Order of the Day?

Ukraine is pushing for a 40% haircut on its $70 billion in public debt. So far the hedge funds involved are not cooperating, signalling that a default is forthcoming. When asked about creditors seizing the country’s assets, the Ukrainian negotiator’s reply was curious: “There are no assets, unfortunately.” Seems like Soros and his parasite guildists may have already locked those down. The IMF is on the line here to take losses as well. Meanwhile, Russia has ended natural gas sales to Ukraine.

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Monster Spike in Western Precious Metals Demand

Fsge7FYes, Martha, western gold and silver demand is rapidly picking up steam. The GLD etf has seen an increase from 701.90 tonnes on June 19th to 711.44 tonnes yesterday. Elsewhere, the US Mint sold a record amount of 1 oz American Eagles Monday at 1,150,000. As POS trades in the range around $16, the US Mint June demand alone looks to be in the five million ounces range, or 8% of world production.

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Black Monday Math 101 Replaces Blind Faith in Central Banks

The psychotics in China started the week with a continuation of a classic crash and this despite aggressive PB0C monetary moves. The crazies like to invoke their divine right to stock market profits, something that has been reinforced by the criminals who function as their leaders. However, the parabolic blow off, during which millions of stock trading accounts were opened, has been erased.

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Markets Acts Psychotic in Face of Epic Fails

I’m sure I’m not the only one to say that it is quite astonishing that global equity markets can be so psychotically comatose in the face of a Black Friday event in the Chinese equity bubble and an obvious fail on the Greek default.



And after hours going into the weekend should not be a surprise, as the Greek government calls creditor proposals against EU rules, and then called for a referendum for next week and is ignoring the latest ultimatums.  Long lines are forming in the middle of the night at Greek ATMs as a bank closure looms.

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Open Casket Funeral of Clementa Pinckney: Madame Tussauds, the Real McCoy, or a Body Double?

A $29 million plus budget can buy a quality Madame Tussauds body replica, but I see serious issues. This looks like they tried to bring in a poor excuse for a doppelganger stiff from Haiti or somewhere. Here is “Rev. Pinckney” all laid out at his public viewing.

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