HAARP’s Geoengineering, Weather-Manipulation Freak Show (Free Article)

“If we can take down Osama on a wing and a prayer, manipulating the climate is child’s play.” – President Barack Soetoro Obama

The psychopaths are utilizing  technology from thew High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) to play God with the weather. The larger strategy, as with last winter’s brutally cold storms, is to put into place an Arctic ice-box flow. This creates a man-made polar vortex.

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Peak Market of Lies and Criminality Reaches Zenith

Precious metals bulls got a little satisfaction out of Friday’s bullish reversal following another in-your-face attack. This week brings another series of events, announcements and reports that, when taken in their totality, just represent more gaming, lies and manipulation. This is all designed to get participants to do the wrong things, analogous to the Rothschild’s Waterloo scam. One big question remains: When does the bull market of lies and criminality reach its zenith? Things appear to be coming to a head. Continue reading

Pedophilia a Requirement for UK Ruling Elite (Free Article)

Case by case by case the evidence has built that not only have psychopaths (see Psychopathic Takeover) populated the UK’s power structure, but that often enough being a pedophile has been an additional requirement. The entire ruling hierarchy is rife with this crowd and it is a long standing British “tradition.”   I believe pedophiles are put into high places not just because of their psychopathy but because they can be compromised and controlled by the cabal. There is an element of this in the US power structure as well.  Whistleblowers and victims who go up against pedophile rings frequently end up dead (see the Strange Death of Nancy Schaefer). Due to a change in legislation in 2009 by Jack Straw, it is now illegal for children in care to speak out if they are victims of abusesee here

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And They Huffed and They Puffed

As we saw on Thursday in precious metals (PM), the cabal and parasite guildists need to game their criminal financial activities around the clock. As I suggested before the standard $1 billion suppression attack at the Crimex open Thursday, the goal was to take out stops. It looks like gold longs have learned their lesson concerning entering stop losses just below support levels. Prices drifted around and there didn’t seem to be any real follow-through selling from stops. I imagine commercials were there waiting to put the gold and silver market back in stronger hands. The Commitment of Traders report released later today won’t show much.

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The Awaited Slinger Suppression Attack

Early Thursday morning (U.S. time) as I write (with POG at $1,297) it looks like slinger is stirring again for the anticipated gold suppression attack. The 200 DMA is at $1,293, as is the 50% fib retracement. Of course we all know that the crooks who trade and attempt to control the Crimex like nothing better than to conduct a fake-out break of these levels so as to trigger stops. Continue reading

The Great MH17 Wedge Gambit

The Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 false flag is an enormous gamble to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia. The intent is to use the Netherlands, which had the most casualties on the flight, to impact France and Germany, which are dragging their feet and have been rather mum on the matter. Netherlands will conduct the investigation. I’m actually wondering if German intelligence might reveal information not supportive of the Anglo-American-Ukraine narrative. Note in my other post today that the U.S. has spun the story away from direct Russian involvement to more of a fog of war story involving nebulous defectors in Ukrainian uniforms.

This surreal psychopathic maneuvering gets even more intriguing as the New York Fed has suddenly unloaded on Deutsche Bank. The accusations are nothing new and have been around a long time, making the timing revealing. Germany in the past seemed to relent to extortion, but now relations are very poor with the U.S. going into this. A poll conducted before MH17 shows Germany’s distrust of the U.S. at its worst level since the Bush Administration. That’s what happens when you totally lose the moral high ground across the board.

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The Latest MH17 Spin (Free Article)

Now that the unnamed, no-proof-providing, U.S. officials’ version of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine seems to be getting even more convoluted, a new spin is emerging. This one includes an admission that a “defector” wearing a Ukrainian uniform did it. The other fall back is that Russia was not directly involved.

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Politically Correct US Becoming Giant Petri Dish of Disease, Illness

When a hundred thousand people from Central America — mostly young, malnourished and unvaccinated — cross borders into the U.S. under difficult, unsanitary conditions, it creates opportunities for the transmission and outbreak viral and bacterial illnesses. And that doesn’t even count the non-detained criminal class also entering under this cover.

Even dinosaur media like ABC News is reporting the numbers of illegals flooding the border makes it impossible to medically screen them. Immigrants with “high fevers, flu-like symptoms and contagious diseases,” are being transported by the government all across the country, which is a way to fast track the spread of illness everywhere. There are also reports of “chicken pox,  drug resistant tuberculous,  pneumonia and swine flu.” What will happen in six weeks when school starts again as well as flu season?

Heads up to all Americans: These diseases will start to incubate in late September and October and by winter the country will be in the throes of a pandemic of multiple diseases. Better hope H1N1 (swine flu) is not among them.  

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