US Mint is Back in the Silver-Coin Biz — at Least for a Few Days

Below you will find a clean chart showing the strong performance of gold in the bond bust of the 1970s. The second chart shows the deep corrections and powerful rally cycles of the gold stocks over the last 40 years.

Rising interest rates would almost certainly be accompanied by a large swoon in overpriced stock markets as well. This would create a flight of capital from falling markets that has to go somewhere, particularly if cash balances held in the banks are at a growing risk from systemic default. This would apply very much to the China crash scenario and explains why withdrawals from SGE are currently strong, which runs counter to the “news” misdirection out there. This may be just the tip of the iceberg.



Source: Casey Research

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Muslim Demonization Hoaxes Matter

The latest in the mounting cascade of “coincidences” is in on the sloppy Muslim demonization hoaxes. Here we see indication of yet another shifted persona stagecraft situation.  About all they did is change the skin tint, background, and went with a digital resolution in the second photo. Lance Cpl Larry Wells was killed in Iraq 2004:


“Skip” Wells killed in Chattanooga last week:


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Is the Cabal Set to Release the Hounds?

The Commitment of Traders report was shocking beyond belief. Its data certainly explains some of the ferocity of the attacks. The managed-money boyz added to 10,317 more shorts on their way to a Hunt Brothers oblivion. They were aggressively joined by small specs, who tossed 6,566 more shorts into the brew. Specs large and small tossed 2,890 longs.

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Sound The Alarm: the Gold Attacks Are A Criminal Sting

Despite efforts to make “China” the foil in Sunday night’s $2.7 billion torpedo, 30-second selloff, even Reuters had to reveal yesterday that the real source of the leveraged paper short selling attack came from the NYMEX, not Shanghai.

It is a shame to see the remaining traumatized precious metals investors fooled into calling this a Fed, JPMorgan or BIS manipulation, and now even “the Chinese.” The Fed may be paid off to look the other way, but it’s direct trading involvement makes zero sense at this juncture. The key spokespeople for the sector need to wake up and expose the truth here.

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Insider Buying Clues

Queue jumping on expired contracts is going on daily in the Crimex. This buying off of contracts (requires all cash) and asking for delivery is very unusual so late in the month. Is this phenomenon a dry run for something bigger? On Tuesday and Wednesday, 19,500 ounces of gold were delivered and 125,000 ounces of silver. Then a queue jumper snatched up 154 more July contracts Tuesday. That’s 770,000 ounces more to be delivered.

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Did ‘China’ Sell the $2.7B Gold Torpedo? Nope. Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

imagesUPDATE: After publication of the following post, Reuters revealed the torpedo came from the Crimex, not China.

Similar to the false stories of last year about Russian gold sales, the fraudsters are out with a “story” that “China” rammed through the $2.7-billion freight-train order Sunday night. One such presstitute article comes from

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Vault It: Sweet Spots in the Precious Metal Sector

Several of the gold industry’s largest miners have a 70% probability for bankruptcy, while most of the others are coin tosses, according to financial metrics at Likely candidates include Kinross (the world’s fifth largest gold miner) and Coeur D’Alene. The probability of bankruptcy for Barrick Gold, by far the world’s largest gold miner, sits at 52%. Many others, including No. 2 Newmont Mining and No. 3 Anglogold Ashanti, are also straddling 50%.

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Hoaxes in Southern States Show a Lot of Chutzpah

Regular readers know I don’t believe in endless coincidences, and I’m particularly alert to aspects that don’t add up in agitprop hoaxes. One theory making the rounds is that Freemasons sworn to secrecy are used as minions and moles in many hoaxes. I suspect there’s some validity to that but as role players rather than leaders of these operations.

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Paper Traded in 1 Day Equivalent to 40% of Global Gold Production

On Monday, the Crimex traded 309,350 contracts, or three times normal. That is 66% of open interest; but more importantly, it is 40% of annual gold production. Yes, really, all traded in one day. I’m assuming some actual business was conducted in there someplace and that the players are now positioned where they want to be for the next phase. I have made my views known on the who and why of all that, especially in the last part of yesterday’s post.

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