The Assassination of Boris Nemtsov

One thing needs to be kept in mind concerning Boris Nemtsov’s murder: He was a politician past his prime. According to a recent Levada Center poll, many Russians didn’t even know he existed. Nemtsov didn’t even manage to get elected as mayor of Sochi, winning a mere 14% of the vote in the city’s 2009 mayoral elections.

Nemtsov was unpopular even among the opposition; this comes from being a Yeltsin-era politician. Many even argue that Nemtsov was a “decorative” asset for Putin as a stable, familiar, relatively honest but powerless opposition figure.

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Randgold CEO Sees Best Takeover Opening in 30 Years

There are a number of conferences and shows going on in Canada. In the past this is where deals get done. Mark Barstow, the CEO of Randgold, suggests that he sees more mergers and acquisition opportunities appearing in the mining industry.

“Never have I seen an opportunity like I feel is appearing in the market for M&A before, in 30 years,” Barstow said.

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Black Sites and Yet Another Bravo Sierra Day for the Crime Syndicate

You can’t make this bravo sierra up.

The Guardian newspaper out of the U.K. is a stooge of the police and deep state. Nothing comes out of them without a tension or agitation agenda. So when it broke the story of a Chicago black site — an untold place where police secretly detain and interrogate citizens — it is by design. This is psyops conditioning to get the sheeple used to the fact that these black sites are all over the U.S.

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The Ecstasy of Gold

After watching a little of (the ugly) Janet Yellen show yesterday, I only have one thing to say and ask: Will the people of this planet leave their fiat money in insolvent sovereign bonds where they have to pay interest to (the bad) crooks? Will they leave their cash in (the bad and ugly) banks controlled by crime syndicates that have the authority to bail them in and take their deposits? Or will they find (the good) ecstasy of gold? I really don’t think this is rocket science.

Ennio Morricone’s Ecstasy of Gold from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”:

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Who’s Behind Mall Terror Threats?

When you hear in the news that terror threats are being issued by boogeymen like Somalia’s Al-Shabaab against very specific properties like the Oxford Street and Westfield shopping centers in London, it’s wise to check up on who owns them. The Westfield shopping center is owned by Frank Lowy, who is a close associate of Larry “Pull It” Silverstein of World Trade Center 9/11 fame. Silverstein and Lowy made a fortune on “terrorist insurance” after 9/11.

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Curiouser and Curiouser

One of the more curious developments of late is a new investigation into price rigging at the London metals market. The crime syndicate agencies involved, the CFTC and Dept. of Justice are corrupt to the bone, so one has to ask why now? As usual I don’t get the memos, but perhaps the arrival of a new sheriff in town, the Chinese, is signalling the exchanges that they must now clean up their act.

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Boston Marathon Hoax Deconstructed

Typical ludicrous scene from the Boston Marathon “Bombing”: I am Iron Man, hardly a scratch.

This  stunning interview from John Wells deconstructs the Boston Marathon hoax. It is two hours long, but best of class, and goes through the visual anomalies. These videos tend to get pulled off the internet, so act quickly to view.

As usual, the hoaxsters pushed their luck with this production, but are still laughing at the sheeple. This should go viral and if it did, the whole crime syndicate system would collapse. Start at about 24:00 and use Sherlock Holmes convergent logic and thinking as you view it.