Dindu Kid Jumps Into Zoo Habitat With 400-Pound Gorilla Harambe

Cincinnati-Zoo-Gorilla-enclosure-graphicTalk about a complete lack of parenting skills. A little 4-year-old dindu (didn’t do nothin’ black kid) decides to climb a rail, crawl through bushes and then jump or fall into a zoo habitat pen to play with a 400-pound gorilla. The video shows that the gorilla is trying to protect the kid. Meanwhile, other dindus are shouting and screaming hysterically above him. At one point the gorilla drags the little boy away from the ruckus. End result of this dindu shitstorm: Zoo officials shot the endangered species gorilla, not with a tranquilizer or stun device, but dead with a bullet.

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Preposterous Muslim-Demonization Sex Slave Tale Farmed Out To MEMRI

The latest Zio concoction concerns a tall tale about ISIS members selling sex slaves for $8,000 on Facebook. When I see such stories I try and gauge the reaction of fucktards on various alternative sites. The commentators at ZeroHedge for example are among the biggest skeptics and have grown wise to the Muslim-demonization scheming on the Internet. But sadly even there, it seems many bought this sex-slave lie hook, line and sinker.

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Thought Police Label Speech as Crime

The (((Southern Poverty Law Center))) has infested the Dept of Homeland Security and many police forces. See: Who Controls the SPLC. They are a modern-day version of the CHEKA and have concocted an assortment of twilight language they use to brand people. The CHEKA was used as Red Terror brute force against reactionaries in the Bolshevik Soviet Union and made everyone toe the line. A reactionary could be anyone deemed as not on board with their system.

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Examining the Startling Gender Internals of the Austrian Election

Setting aside the likelihood that Austria’s close election was rigged, an examination of the voter profile is revealing and shocking to say the least. The election was pitted between a leftist, open border friendly party and one described as “far right” or nationalist. Utilizing ballot box fraud, the Left slithered in.


over 100% voter turnout in key leftist Vienna districts, click to enlarge

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The Proper Third Position and it’s Natural Allies

imagesThe ten point declaration of the Third Position is laid out here. The Third Position on the Brexit, or any European exit, is to support it and ally without apology with leftists who also push exits.

The natural position of European countries should be non-NATO/non-aligned, independent and nationalist. However, European nations need to also form natural self-interest blocs and alliances: Germanic, Mediterranean or Slavic, such as the Visegrad Four (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary). Sunday, Austria‘s “far-right” Euroskeptic Presidential candidate had an election stolen but the hand writing is on the wall. About all the Zios can do to stop this is “shut ‘er down.”

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