Politically Correct US Becoming Giant Petri Dish of Disease, Illness

When a hundred thousand people from Central America — mostly young, malnourished and unvaccinated — cross borders into the U.S. under difficult, unsanitary conditions, it creates opportunities for the transmission and outbreak viral and bacterial illnesses. And that doesn’t even count the non-detained criminal class also entering under this cover.

Even dinosaur media like ABC News is reporting the numbers of illegals flooding the border makes it impossible to medically screen them. Immigrants with “high fevers, flu-like symptoms and contagious diseases,” are being transported by the government all across the country, which is a way to fast track the spread of illness everywhere. There are also reports of “chicken pox,  drug resistant tuberculous,  pneumonia and swine flu.” What will happen in six weeks when school starts again as well as flu season?

Heads up to all Americans: These diseases will start to incubate in late September and October and by winter the country will be in the throes of a pandemic of multiple diseases. Better hope H1N1 (swine flu) is not among them.  

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Malaysian Flight 17: Surreal and Highly Suspect

I followed the story of MAL 370 at the time. I never could come up with even a decent theory about what happened.  However there is a You Tube video maker by the name of DAHBOO 77 who did a lot of work on this at the time.  One of his videos, which I watched back in April, although didn’t conclude anything from at the time, was this one posted back on March 26, 2014. To date it has received 102,000 views, not small by You Tube standards. I wanted to get this out as I suspect it will get pulled. The video indicates that a MAL 370 twin was parked in a hanger in Tel Aviv. Incredibly it is owned by a George Soros company. Is it a coincidence that the Israeli assault on Gaza started just hours after the MAL 17 downing?

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Set Up is Improving

There was an enormous and convincing surge of fuel cell volume on Thursday that ran four times the volume of the red candlestick of Wednesday.  A classic beautiful head and shoulder formation is in.  The 20 DMA average at 42.35 is providing good support as is the 38% fib retracement at 41.  I’d like to see the COTs later today, but I think the chances of a 50% fib retracement to 39.35 is fading.

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Putin’s and Jinping’s Dedollarization Offensive in Latin America (Free Article)

You really have to appreciate Vladimir Putin’s sense of timing. As Argentina is worked over by parasite guild vultures, his dedollarization offensive shifts to Latin America. While Obama flies to Europe for late night dinners with the elites and awaits further instructions from the World Disorder cabal, Putin inks the new BRICS Development Bank deal. In a few years, it will reach a financing capacity of up to $350 billion. There is also the agreement establishing a $100 billion pool of reserve currencies — the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA), competition to the IMF.

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Slingers Outdo Themselves

Tuesday’s follow up gold attack required a whopping 17,000 contracts (or over $2.3 billion notional) to knock PoG down $10. In 3 minutes, 45 tonnes of gold was stopped out or shorted. Combined with Monday’s attack, it looks like 125 naked tonnes were sold. That should be sufficient to flip the commitment of traders on its side to bullish. Friday’s CoT should reveal that as the case, but I don’t think it is necessary to wait to begin stinky bidding using my 30% reserve. This may very well be the last gift horse the precious metal market presents. 

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Almost Like Clockwork Slinger Dumps

Without much delay slinger appears “at the appointed hour, specifically the open” with a nominal $1.37 billion indiscriminate futures dump. Pure, blatant manipulation, no fiduciary responsibility at all and I guess we can’t say I didn’t tell you so.  It now looks like last week’s breakout was little more than tape painting. An attack that large may flip the CoT around in a heart beat.  We get the read on that next Friday.

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Another Bull Flag or a Deeper Correction?

The Commitment of Traders showed more producer/merchant hedging and is now up to about 58,000 contracts. Managed money and slingers have reduced to 20,000 shorts.

The GDXJ bounced back Friday nicely after experiencing a nasty red candlestick on Thursday. GDXJ continues to outperform the underlying POG.  Volume has been brisk suggesting this asset group is morphing into a no longer completely ignored sector.  Some of the cow pasture valuations are starting to dissipate.

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