Ebola Ground Zero: The Sierra Leone Bio-Weapons Lab

After writing yesterday’s post, “Like Slowly Boiling Frogs, Ebola Plan Proceeding on Schedule,” I was challenged by “conspiracy debunkers” on my claim that ground zero for Ebola was at Kenema, Sierra Leone, and that it had a bio-research lab for deadly diseases (including Ebola) located in the now-abandoned hospital. As a reminder, it was local residents that forced the closure of this hospital and lab after hundreds were infected in a “sudden” outbreak.

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Like Slowly Boiling Frogs, Ebola Plan Proceeding on Schedule

I have to hand it to the psychopathic control grid. So far they are executing their seemingly surreal, strange, confused plan to perfection. We go from Ebola is no threat to the U.S. just two weeks ago to a swift executive order calling up 4,000 ready reserves and National Guard for Ebola duty in West Africa.

You see, the apparent challenge in Africa is that folks there don’t want to get close to the health care cabal to take vaccines. For some reason, they associate a vaccine and U.S. health workers with actual contracting a disease or illness. Can you imagine that?

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Koroma’s Theory on Ebola: Real, Exacerbated or Largely Faked?

Back on Aug, 27 I wrote a post on Liberia’s squalid West Point slum that contains an estimated 75,000 residents. I anticipated that if Ebola was the real deal, we would witness a large death toll among that high-density slum’s population. In fact, CDC Director Thomas “Big Gulp” Friedan — who has since revealed himself to be either an incompetent, a liar, a criminal, or all three rolled into one — hyped the Liberian crisis at that time:

“The toll is far larger than has been recorded, not because they are trying to hide anything but because they are really overwhelmed by these numbers. The cases are increasing at an extremely quick rate, and this is very alarming.”

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The Pandemic, Polar-Vortex, Shale-Crash, Disruption Scenario

In May, Bloomberg offered a good synopsis of the shale oil and gas Ponzi scheme. The title of the article was appropriate then and is in play now: “Shakeout Threatens as Shale Patch as Frackers Go for Broke.”

Testifying to the extreme gambling behavior of Ponzi finance, U.S. rig counts remain elevated as oil prices plume below break-even levels for these projects, described as $85 Brent ($81 this AM) in this Zero Hedge article. This highly maladjusted “making up losses on more volume” scheme would never have made it off the ground without the Fed’s total-theft interest rates.

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China Bitch Slaps Australia With Coal Tariffs

One of the consequences of being America’s bitch — supporting Russian sanctions, manipulating oil prices lower to impact Russia and Iran, and perpetuating the surveillance state — is that one risks a reciprocal counter punch at precisely the wrong moment.  Such is the case with Australia, which has just been handed a 3% import tariff on anthracite coal and coking coal. Non-coking coal will have an import tax of 6%. Even prior to this, Australian coal demand from China had been declining because it is too dirty. Playing BRIC ball, Indonesia’s coal was exempted as it meets China’s new ash and sulfur limits. 

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Connecticut: Point-of-the-Spear for Medical Martial Law

The state government of Connecticut is one of the most corrupt and psychopathic in the U.S. [see "Wolfgang Halbig Sheds More Light"]. As such, its “point-of-the-spear”actions on Ebola are a good tell. Without a single case of Ebola (problem?), the governor there has put in place the ability (reaction) to enforce medical martial law (solution). I am not the least bit surprised that they are the first.

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