Question Answered: What is the End Game of Cabal Operations?

Coffee Trader writes: “I’m not against (the idea of) a conspiracy theory, it’s just that I’m not sure what’s gained by this one. In the case of Sandy Hook, what do you surmise the end game is? What are ‘they’ trying to accomplish? Just fear and chaos? Changing gun laws in the US? And how would all the ‘actors’ keep quiet? It seems terribly hard to hush that many people.”

Great questions. Yes, I think the idea is to maintain a constant level of mental   discomfort, fear, apprehension and general weirdness so that the population is conditioned to accept a police state.   A second element would be the expansion in the use of executive power. It is part of the narrative of control. Actually, Hollywood plays into this boogie man atmosphere as well. Finally, there have been financial benefits to the players, so pure greed is also a factor. What do you think an Occam’s Razor assumption is on free homes and $27 million in donations from the  public dispensed to Sandy Hook actors and players?

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Weekend “Market” Update

I thought this Kyle Bass comment on Japan’s bizarre JGB bond market could be extended to about anything.  Note he talks about normal equilibrium and arbitrage. That’s the bread and butter of good fundamentals in investing. Right now that is nearly eradicated thus rendering a conversation about “markets”  moot.  I think he is embellishing the part about BoJ declaring a minus interest rate, but I get the point.

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Dragonslayer Podcast: Occam Razor Applied Against Conspiracy Theory Labeling

* Free Podcast*

This podcast marks the inauguration of my new solo approach. My goal is to put out several of these a week lasting seven to 10 minutes. Those that don’t involve actionable investment and trading ideas will be free as a public service. I have coined the name “Dragonslayer Podcast” for this. I plan on adding some YouTube videos once I can master the technical skills. However, if there are any readers who are skilled at this kind of imagery and could use my narratives, please get in touch at You can also support my work by using my book store in the right column. I will have a list of recommended books that contribute to the body of knowledge of  just how things really work. There have been some great works that I have recently dived into that have really opened my eyes.

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Indian Gold Policy Is Crucial

Alongside China, India is the most important gold consumer, comprising 20% of global demand. Without a doubt, India’s punitive gold taxes have penalized that population and has hurt the gold market. Official gold imports to India probably fell 70% in the final quarter of 2013, from 255 tons a year ago. The jewelry industry in India is very large and has been damaged by policy. Smuggling is rampant, and the gold trade has been taken over by mobsters. The following chart isn’t entirely accurate because of the under-reported smuggling activity, but it does illustrate the issue.

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Lie Spotting and Duping Delight

“The best way to keep a secret between three people- kill the other two.“- Jimmy Hoffa

With the massive, out-of-control, large-scale deception and lies from the criminal network, or cabal, that is in control, it’s useful to have some methods and skills available for spotting lies. One excellent method is described in a short TedTalks video (below) about spotting lies and is called “duping delight.” A self-explanatory term, usually this is manifested by a smirk, or less-than-genuine grin.

Those of you who made the effort to watch the videos in my post on Sandy Hook could easily see a virtual epidemic of duping delight from the people involved. These people seemed to relish in it. The handlers of the Sandy Hook hoax seemed so caught up with getting away with duping that it resulted in overkill.  The following video should shed some light on duping delight.

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Can the Ukrainian Cavalry Save the Day?

Russia will run down the clock on the Ukraine’s fuel supplies and then continue to escalate pro-Russian militia activity in the Russian enclaves of eastern Ukraine.  I discussed this winning strategy in a post a few weeks ago. 

Ukraine is trying to counter by mobilizing armed forces to launch a “full-scale anti-terrorist operation” against pro-Russian separatists.  Given the Mad Max conditions perhaps the Ukrainians can muster up some 19th century cavalry units or Mad Max type guerrilla street fighters in lieu of the fuel-guzzling motorized vehicles actually needed to go up against Russians.  A Ukrainian counter move will be dead on arrival, and I suspect Ukrainian units will pay a heavy price.  Ukraine is now calling on Europe to deliver natural gas and fuel, which Europe in turn gets from Russia, further complicating the chess board and stretching lines of communication.

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Platinum Group Metals: The Waterberg Prize

Platinum Group Metals Ltd. (PLG) holds one of the most compelling platinum-group metals (PGM) deposits in the world. The district, called Waterburg, is 600 square km. Unlike elsewhere in South Africa, where there are deep underground PGM mines  that are in the process of crashing and burning, this is a mechanized mining operation into a shallow reef. The reef offers 10-meter zones versus the 1 meter by hand seen in the other failing South African underground operations. The stoping method is far more economical. The Merensky Reef at the Waterburg extension is 20 km long and the ore content, typically 3 gram /t, is very consistent. The product would be sent to a nearby Anglo smelter.

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Sandy Hook: Real or B Grade Actors? (Free Article)

I present the following clips from the Newtown Sandy Hook incident and some accompanying surreal evidence without a lot of comment. I just leave it to the viewer to invest a little time into examining this and then make the call: are these B grade actors or real people in grief?  Only have one simple basic request,  do not talk shit or make comments unless you’ve actually watched the videos. For perspective here is a real grieving mother, very hard to even watch.

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Moneta Porcupine

Back in June I wrote a post and picked up shares in Moneta Porcupine. Judging from the click throughs to the article and complete lack of comments, I am guessing that not a single subscriber owns shares in this one. That is unfortunate, as this is one heck of a situation IMHO. Moneta doesn’t seem to promote. For the record, I receive no compensation from companies and am entirely independent and subscriber supported.

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