Ziopath’s Latest Psyop: Dabiq

Dabiq-Burns-Cursader-Armies-IP-500x522The Ziopaths have a phony slick-looking English-language publication that they put out called Dabiq that officials claim is a publication of “ISIS.” I tried to read through it and found it to be total gibberish. This is by design, as gibberish in the world of agitprop usually means you will have a gatekeeper to give you the shorthand version from whatever fear-porn anti-Muslim racist shrill the Ziopaths wish to promote.

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China Sets Up New Silk Road Gold Acquisition Fund

After a pause at the beginning of the Syriza government in Greece, the aggressive sale of infrastructure and other assets is underway.  The buyers are reported to be Chinese, Russian and German. It is not entirely clear if they are fronting for the Cabal or if Greece is falling into the laps of the Silk Road crew.

China has set up a gold sector fund that will help facilitate gold purchases by Central Banks in the countries which are part of China’s new Silk Road development project or Eurasian integration. There is little doubt that gold will be part of this process. The fund is expected to raise 100 billion yuan ($16 billion) to invest in physical gold and in mining companies.  Sixty countries will be involved and their centrals banks will expand gold reserves. For the sixty nation math to work you would be taking about Africa as well as Asia.

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Is a Whale Accumulating Silver?

U.S.-Silver-Bullion-Imports-2014-vs-2015SRSRocco has an article out discussing a large increase in U.S. silver imports. There are some who say JP Morgan is behind this. Could be, but I am most definitely committed to the notion that a large whale or cabalist could attempt at least a partial corner of the silver market.

This is hardly outlandish, as there’s no better thinned-out “market” in the world for this kind of operation. The estimate of commercial-grade investment silver that is above ground is about 2 billion ounces. In dollar terms, that is only $34 billion — a modest amount should an investment or whale-driven spike in silver occur.

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More Propaganda or Truths about Chinese Gold Holdings?

Russian news site Pravda reports that China is preparing to decimate the U.S. dollar by revealing it has 30,000 tonnes of gold. As much as I would like to believe a gold story like this, it sounds like propaganda. Conversely, I also know the 3,000-tonne story is low-ball propaganda. As often is the case, the truth resides somewhere in between. Regardless when the actual number is revealed, it ought to pull the curtain back on an Oz-like leasing and paper scam. I think you’ll want to be at the table when this occurs.

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The Waco, Geriatric ZZ Top Tour Shooting Hoax

I have gone through about all the Waco “shooting” images and photos I can locate. Feel free to add to the comments section any visual evidence of real mayhem. From the overhead aerial shot of the shootout scene, what little signs I can see of a real shooting are easily staged and do not match the mayhem picture painted by the press. So far, going into Day 2, I hereby dub this “The Waco, Geriatric ZZ Top Tour, Shooting Hoax.”

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