A Question of Weaponized Ebola

RONALD QUAIL: Do you believe in conspiracy theories, Gary?

GARY WEBB: No, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. Conspiracies, yes. If I believe it, there’s nothing theory about it.

The aforementioned is a scene from the great, must-see movie, “Kill the Messenger.”

In my recent article about Kenema bio-lab as the source of the Ebola outbreak, I discussed exploiting malfeasance as the modus operandi for creating global terror to forward a criminal agenda. However, Dr. Francis Boyle, who wrote the 1989 Biological Weapons and Anti-Terrorism Act, suspects Ebola bio-weapons are involved.





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Where is JP “Waldo” Morgan?

Ten tonnes of gold is being moved out of J.P. Morgan’s eligible gold vaults, destination unknown. There is real evidence that JPM has largely just exited this racket all together. The most recent Bankers Participation Report shows the U.S. (JPM) just at flat positions, with diminished involvement in the market. I haven’t gotten the memo as to why, but it’s an interesting observation nonethless. Contrast this with non-U.S. banks (HSBC, et al).

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Gold Shares’ Heavy Liquidation: Really?

What is the heavy looking “liquidation” all really about? GDXJ traded 13.9 million shares Wednesday in an awful session. GDXJ is a $2.2 billion vehicle. Twenty percent of the total market cap in one day, seriously? Constant machine gun bursts of 100-200 share trades. Obviously 500-share retail selling can’t cause this, so is this a monstrous institutional dump going on?

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Do You Trust the GLD Fund? (Free Article)

Russ Winter’s commentary on the following article: It is my own belief that the GLD exchange traded fund is a rehypothecation scam and that investors holding this fund will ultimately be defrauded by the parasite guild criminal cabal. This fund’s derivatives have been instrumental in wrecking the price-discovery mechanism in gold. At a very minimum, given the track record of the operators of these funds, I would steer clear.

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New Ebola Czar Ron Klain: The Perfect Operative Bag Man

If there was any lingering doubts about the Ebola situation morphing into abject fraud and looting, it has been laid to rest by the appointment of corrupto, lobbyist, political operative and bag man lawyer Ron Klain. The only good news is that by the White House’s own admission this “Ebola Czar” has no background in the medical field, let alone Ebola.

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Mad Scientists at Kenema Unleash Ebola Epidemic

I presented the case for the Kemena bio-lab as the source of spreading the Ebola outbreak in Saturday’s post, and I had to circle back and debunk the debunkers. It states on the hospital consortium’s own website that it is involved in research on lethal diseases at Kenema. The trump card, or the rest of the story, is in this post.

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Ebola Ground Zero: The Sierra Leone Bio-Weapons Lab

After writing yesterday’s post, “Like Slowly Boiling Frogs, Ebola Plan Proceeding on Schedule,” I was challenged by “conspiracy debunkers” on my claim that ground zero for Ebola was at Kenema, Sierra Leone, and that it had a bio-research lab for deadly diseases (including Ebola) located in the now-abandoned hospital. As a reminder, it was local residents that forced the closure of this hospital and lab after hundreds were infected in a “sudden” outbreak.

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