December 14 Notes: Premier Gold Discussed

More insider buying noted in Victoria. Another name with strong insider accumulation is Premier Gold.  The stock does look undervalued but their model is a little hard to get one’s head around without some research and due diligence. They partner everything, which could give them possibilties for being monetized or scarfed bit by bit, a sum of the parts play if you will. I did listened to the Denver gold forum presentation, but no Eureka moment went off for me.

Not quite sure why the stock has been so massacred after raising money at $5.00 including insider participation. They have $50 million US cash and gold on hand. EV is about $330 million.

As I am no longer supported by a subscriber base and would probably only take a small position anyway, I have little need or interest in calling the company and doing more due diligence. Further Winter Actionables when I do write gold related articles only gets about 50-10o views.

In contrast the TNN article 150 Terabytes! Norway Busts Largest Dark Web, Child Porn Networks in History — US, UK Media Ignore Story posted Saturday has 43,000 views and counting, so I have my personal priorites now and have no desire to talk to walls. But since this is now an open non-subscriber forum, and if anyone is still here, please chime in about this name. I would be interested in a discussion.

I added to Teranga at 77 cents Cdn yesterday bringing to a full position. Also Sabina at 90 cents Cdn on Monday to bring to full position.

Philip Ker, PI Financial (12/12/16) 
“Balmoral Resources Ltd. announced positive exploration news from its drilling efforts at its Bug South gold deposit in Quebec. Broad intervals from the Upper Bug Zone continue to support the south-plunging broadening of gold mineralization and is displaying excellent continuity thus far. . .we believe it’s time again for investors to begin buying Balmoral. . .with results pending from more exploratory targets such as Detour East, Balmoral has the opportunity to continue expanding its known zones of mineralization and possibly make additional discoveries. . .we are boosting our rating from neutral to buy and maintain our $1.05/sh target for Balmoral Resources.”
 We may be looking at mean reversal on the Treasury market. The specs have fallen all over themselves shorting and looked trapped. This should also take the pressure off of gold. The last time the Fed raised the Fed Funds Rate- this turned out to be an important top in yields after which the 10-year yield fell nearly 80 basis points over the next couple of months.

  • mikeginn

    SA my largest position, Bear Creek a close second. So I am following those two mostly. Waiting for expected “end of year” court decision with Bear Creek, but notice there have been filings for submitting more information, etc. so not surprised it looks to be a 2017 event.

  • IAC

    Should read original estimates versus current estimates for hard rock mine. Still management is decent and property locations are good but it is likely still headed towards $1.50 again

  • IAC

    If you look at the original cost estimates and time frames for the hard rock mine in the recent update combined with overall sector weakness and you have most of the share price action explained