Fresh Trading, Investment Clues from Darth Soros

imgresMore details are coming in on (((George Soros’))) latest financial bets. Since Soros and his cabal have the ability and motivation to create societal havoc at multiple levels, this is not one of those “nothing to see here, move along” situations. Soros is reported to be actively running his assets now. A typical week for Soros might look something like this:

Monday – Planning and implementing chaos

Tuesday – Monitoring turmoil

Wednesday: Torture puppies and Ukrainians, plan next week’s hoaxes and false flags

Thursday: Corner currencies and markets

Friday: Refrain from live meat

Saturday: Child sacrifice and drinking blood with pals

Sunday – STRIKE!!!

China remains high among Soros’ targets. This one is obvious, although it has continued under the radar. I image Soros has state-of-the-art intelligence and shit storming capabilities there.

He also argues that the European Union will collapse under the weight of the migration crisis, an operation with which he is intimately connected. He is aggressively pushing for Europe to take in a million migrants annually. Almost standing alone, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban has continually called him out for this. Orban accuses Bill Clinton of being a Soros sock puppet.

Soros is signalling that Britain will not exit the EU. Since that will be determined by election fraud, we can probably put that prediction in our pipe and smoke it.

Finally, Soros also adopted large bearish derivative positions that serve as wagers against U.S. stocks. He holds a good-size position in gold and gold equities.


There are numerous localized reports that, as we head into the long hot summer, food stamp recipients SNAP/EBT cards are malfunctioning. This can be monitored at the site.

Also, somewhere between 500,000 and a million childless food stamp recipients in 22 states will be losing their benefits this year. Combined with the already divisive Drumpf-Hilderbeast political climate, a bet on an eruption is a distinct probability.

Give me my reparations, whitey.

  • Brabantian

    Russ is quite brilliant above as he writes, “Soros is signalling that Britain will not exit the EU. Since that will be determined by election fraud, we can probably put that prediction in our pipe and smoke it.” – HA! – just all too true … UK election machines already documented as correlating to a shift in vote ‘results’ away from poll predictions which used to be reliable … rather like the vote in California that Killary – Hitlery just won by a huge margin not foreseen in polls

    However, as for Clinton’s nemesis in whom so many tens of millions had placed hope, former Israeli kibbutznik Bernie Sanders has totally now betrayed his devoted supporters, joining Obama to suddenly endorse the brutal murdering criminal Clinton witch, using the fake ‘we need to stop Trump’ excuse … it is all such a puppet show

  • Lone very frustrated white kid in disrupted stupid-is-as-stupid-does class room takes matters into his own hands. Wonder how much jail time he got for this?

    • Rufus Peckham


    • Rufus Peckham

      I was one of those, in my high school. I was actually in a program where more affluent people lacking skin pigment were bused in to lighten up and improve standards at a darker school. Poor guy.