Social Media To Die From Oppression, Acute-Relevance Deficiency

Cj3Ci2MWEAEQEpmObviously under huge pressure from the usual suspects, Facebook, Twitter, Google’s YouTube and Microsoft on Tuesday agreed to an EU code of conduct to tackle online “hate speech”within 24 hours in Europe.

EU ministers called for cooperation with tech companies to be stepped up after the faked Brussels attacks in March. “This is a historic agreement that could not arrive at a better time,” European Jewish Congress President Dr. Moshe Kantor said.

If you don’t get it by now you never will. The vast majority of these so-called terrorist incidents — used as rationales for stripping away freedom of speech, firearm ownership and privacy — ARE EITHER TOTALLY FRAUDULENT OR PROVOCATEURED. I have illustrated this at length on these pages.

Here is the kicker: These companies will also strengthen their cooperation with (((civil society organizations))) to help flag hateful content when it goes online and promote “counter-narratives” to hate speech. They will end up paying someone in India $2 an hour; or worse, a bot to scan comments, resulting in over-pruning, which will anger almost everybody.

They’re squeezing a balloon by clamping down on popular social media sites and do nothing except push all honest, thinking people to old-fashion sites like WinterWatch. If they shut that down, there will be even more blow back.

These tactics aren’t going to work. It will result in the Streisand or curiosity effect. For example, once they resorted to throwing a 87-year-old German lady in prison for Holocaust revisionism, that topic started to peak my interest. See “Free Speech Denied, the Case of Ursula Haverbeck.” Also see Thought Police Label Speech as Crime. 

Another example is here. The YouTube video that you see is already blocked in Europe. It was essentially a historical review of the April 2, 1945, Allied air raid that killed 4,000 prisoners and staff at the Nordhausen concentration camp. To this day, images of those bodies have been used for atrocity propaganda. There isn’t even a controversy here about the cause of these deaths. It’s historical fact, and there is zero justification for removing a video truthfully examining this event.

Surely, after this, no British voter in their right mind could even consider voting in the EU ‘STAY/LEAVE referendum to remain in this tyrannical thought police Jew/cultural Marxist EU federal superstate.

If this form of Social Justice Warrior censorship is enforced as aggressively as I anticipate, then these companies basically just decided to go out of business. RIP mainstream social media. People don’t go to the Internet just to see cute kitten videos, degeneracy and to be lied to. Many people will go to different, better, freer platforms where the edgy, true stuff is. Short Facebook stock in particular, as it’s a bubble even before this. Boycott these sites, they do not have your interests at heart.

As a real strategy for controlling online speech, the plan will fail. Banned sites will become all the more provocative, and people who want to visit them can simply mask their IP address with a VPN. Those with banned sites can simply re-register them with an U.S. address and server. So, ultimately, all this censorship does is drive dialog down channels that may be more difficult for enforcers to track and monitor.

  • mike r

    I get what you are saying regarding SJW’s but 90’s of all demographics are for the most part useless feed. Its that 10% that is stewing at their parents house, unemployed in Spain, UK, and the US with all the time in the world to conjure up disruptive solutions employing Graphene, Thorium and other such technologies that I am focused on. Broad generalizations only serve a lazy mind.

  • Mikle r

    Russ, If you want to gain real traction then I suggest you target the Millenials. This is the demographic that cant buy a $1million POS Property, yet were the ones that built the infrastructure of social, search, and cloud. They understand decentralization and view governments off all makes as oppressive and archaic..They are the ones that will welcome in a “Stateless Society to coin Marx. They align with ‘anarchy” but not the Somalian type.

    The youth are not dumb and this is out of necessity, especially the unemployed talent sitting around fuming at the hypocrisy of the capital holders calling all the shots.

    Don’t believe me? Go talk to a few programmers . I remain optimistic, but not for the middle aged middle manager who just wants things back to the way they were.

    Necessity will breed contempt don’t you worry!

    • Perhaps some millennials as individuals will step up to the plate. As a group they are the worst on free speech, the women especially.

      • Brabantian

        Low-income millenials pushing SJW scams, are the psychological equivalent of poor Muslims following extreme Islamists … both groups of victims-aggressors held in clever oligarch-designed traps

        Most humans are hard-wired to be sheep & followers, & to seek power over others whilst affiliating with a ‘movement’ idealised in their miliieu … content can be anything but the psychology is the same – people in pain seek power, & grab at something offered in their culture, that feels as if giving them some power

        Even when folks are hit hard & half ‘wake up’, oligarchs set new clever traps … Europeans finally roused by migrant rapes etc, are diverted from the real string-pullers, & fall into arms of new poseur ‘anti-globalist nationalists’ … who are also friends of Israel as are Putin, Trump etc … controlled, limited ‘opposition’ herding sheeple back into oligarch corrals

        Hard to be optimistic, media control works for most … as USA elites laughingly say, ‘Every dumbf-ck in the world believes Wikipedia!” … the oligarch mafia Wikimedia run by friend of Israeli Presidents & über-web-hoaxer, ex-pornographer Jimmy Jimbo Wales

        • “poseur ‘anti-globalist nationalists'”- the key word here is “poseur” or what Michael Collins Piper called “Judas Goats”. Anti-globalist and nationalist is not problematic per se, but Cabal highjacking of it is.