Give It a Few More Years and the Whole World Will Be Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has hit bottom, and the crystallization has arrived that they want their white farmers back. This is a trajectory for the future of humanity.

Step one, harass whites to leave.


White refugees from Zimbabwe not welcome in Australia.


Not long afterward:


Oh no, FUBAR. Fresh wave of migrants enter Europe from Africa.



The dilemma: As a percentage, there aren’t that many white people of European descent left. Will the last ones please turn off the lights?


And those who identify as such are shamed. #hypocrisy


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  • mrm27

    Russ, both Zimbabwe and South Africa are mentioned here as unmentionable nations the media hides away…

  • Douteux55

    Sounds like the current situation in South AFrica which is clearly a global cabal move to destabilize that country, but it will end the same way. Send those Boer farmers to the US, we’ll take those refugees anytime.