Serial Killer Edward Edwards Spotted Lurking at Avery Trial

Cold case investigator John Cameron has released a chilling revelation regarding the murder of Teresa Halbach, for which Steven Avery was accused and is serving time. Those of you who watched the stunning Netflix series “Making a Murderer” will recognize the prosecutor in the Avery case, Ken Kratz, in the foreground of the following photo. Cameron draws to our attention the older, rotund man standing in the background of this 2006 still image taken from the documentary.

Knowledgeable observers believe this man to be the prolific and diabolical serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards, who was living in nearby Jefferson, Wisc., at that time.

Cameron has explained at length his theory that Edwards killed Halbach, but in this video he briefly summarizes how the serial killer framed Avery, as well as local police.

Throughout his life of murder and mayhem, Edwards often liked to make cameo appearances at trials, funerals of his victims and church services. He is even spotted in a brief cameo spot in the 1996 documentary “Paradise Lost” about the murder of three little boys and the teenagers convicted of the killings, who were dubbed by the media as the “West Memphis Three.” Here, too, Cameron believes Edwards not only murdered the children but then framed the three teens. You can see Edwards in disguise at 0:52 of the next video. He’s carrying the cane he used in the murder of the children.

In 2009, Edwards was finally turned in to police by his own daughter who, while watching a TV crime show about a triple homicide in 1980, suddenly recalled that at age 11 her father took her and her younger siblings to see the three murdered corpses he had hidden in the woods.

He died in prison in 2011 at age 78 after confessing to five murders. Unfortunately, Edwards spent only 13 years of his life in prison, which means he had more than 50 years of scheming, destroying lives and being one giant shit storm in community after community as he moved around the country. He was highly intelligent, super crafty and as evil as any man who ever lived. He was a satanist and con man.

Edwards’ trademarks were writings in red on walls or on bodies, use of Zodiac-style coded letters or puzzles, threats and taunts. The following image is from a murder scene in 1946, one of several “Lipstick Killings,” which Cameron suspects were committed by Edwards as a young teen. The Coleman triple murder, depicted in the second image from 2009, was probably Edwards’ last crime.

His M.O. was to create “crimes of recognition,” meaning crimes that shock the conscience and murders so horrific that they garner notoriety for decades.

Variations of the “I am always watching” threat turns up in many other Edwards crimes.

ZODIAC-C-14DEC99-SC-HO--Police sketch of the man suspected of being the "Zodiak Killer," 1969.

Police sketch of the man suspected of being the “Zodiac Killer,” 1969.

In Cameron’s book, “It’s Me, Edward Wayne Edwards, the Serial Killer You Never Knew,” he argues this man was also responsible for murders during the late ’60s that were labeled as “Zodiac” killings. The investigator said he had good cooperation from Edwards’ wife and daughters during his research and construction of timelines.

I just can’t do justice to this topic and have a limited interest and stomach for violent true crime, and this one runs deep. But I’ve read the book and Cameron makes a very good case that Edwards was the hand behind many very strange high profile murders, including Jon-Benet Ramsey and the Atlanta Child Murders. Edwards is said to have made claims on a blog that he murdered Laci Peterson and set up her husband, Scott, for the crime.

Some express disbelief, but there is zero chance that Edwards started his serial killing in his 50s or 60s for the five murders he confessed to. He was publicly mentioned as a prime suspect in several Lovers Lane double murders in 1955 in Portland, Ore., and in 1956 in Great Falls, Mont. To be clear, there is work ahead to resolve these cold cases, but Edwards should be looked at as a prime suspect.

If this topic piques your interest as it did mine, the following is an excellent 2-hour “Coast to Coast” interview with Cameron that profiles Edwards and touches on signature elements of his crimes.

He not only went on horrific murder sprees, he reveled in setting people up for as many as a quarter of his crimes. He hated religious people in particular, probably because he was abused and raped in a Catholic orphanage. He hated his time in the service, which may have led him to target people in the military and homosexuals. He knew how the media, public and system works, so he would set up and railroad less-than-sympathetic characters, such as abusers, cheaters and petty criminals. He was a master criminal who often planted evidence and sent in anonymous tips to the media and police.

He was a forger, a handwriting and code expert and would have had the ability to replicate others’ writing to pin crimes on his targets. He was also a computer hacker and could have easily gained access to gauge peccadilloes, weak points, writing and language syntax and someone’s associations and schedule. People who knew him said that he thought out his moves three steps ahead, much like a chess player. He was not a rapist, so DNA evidence is limited and therefore cold-case resolution more challenging. He used occult-like ritualistic planning and frequently killed on Halloween (Teresa Halbach) and other holidays.

A Call for Public Action: Edward Wayne Edwards is now deceased, so there’s no threat in speaking up about Ed sightings and encounters involving old crimes. Some Edwards murders are on the books as suicides which he staged. Here is a partial list of people suspected of being framed and wrongfully convicted by this evil sociopath. As we saw with the Avery case, the system is practically worthless when it comes to taking corrective action. One case in particular that I will write a post about is that of Christopher Coleman, who was convicted of the murder of his two young sons and wife.

Clearing cold cases is important, but freeing the wrongfully convicted is more important. One of Edwards’ kicks was making the public and system look bad. But not taking action would be reinforcing his sick satanic schemes.


Therefore, law enforcement and the public should immediately go back and look for any smoking-gun signs of Edwards’ presence in these tragedy-inflicted communities. For instance, in Coleman’s case, it may have been Edwards posing online as “Cowgirl1969,” who tipped off the media early on about Chris’ extra-martial affair. That’s classic Edwards. He liked to frame cheaters, and Coleman was religious, a cheater and ex-military. He’s just the kind of person that Edwards would like to humiliate and destroy.

Since Edwards apparently liked to lurk around his crime scenes and subsequent funerals, church services and trials (even in the Avery trial), the public should scrutinize all films, photos and videos for his likeness. He would buddy up with police and even survivors under the guise of being helpful.


One of his ruses was to pretend to be a pastor, a “witness for Christ” and a counselor. He might help in search parties. He collected rewards for finding his own victims on more than one occasion and was an active police informant.

He used disguises and would have his family around to lower people’s guard. In his later years, he was obese and diabetic, sometimes faking that he was immobile.

The odds that somebody has come across Edwards in these crime-spree locales is very high. It’s time to speak out. Please post any Edward Edwards sightings here or by email, or contact John Cameron via his website.


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  • Steven Avery’s new lawyer Kathleen Zellner has already freed one of the men wrongfully convicted of a crime Cameron attributes to Ed Edwards – Ryan Ferguson spent nearly 10 years in jail for the death of Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor Kent Heith. That murder went down on Halloween night.

  • A couple additional photo of Edwards as an older man.