Is Donald Trump an Illuminati Prop?

I’m not entirely sure what Donald Trump is all about. Besides his big ego, it almost seems like his role is to vet obvious issues that would come up later with the hand-picked leading candidates. Recently, Trump cast dispersion on George W. Bush and 9/11. But the Trump comments are more about cracking down on immigration and civil liberties than the reality of 9/11. Then Jeb Bush can go on the controlled media  as shown here and use these as soft tosses to effectively say, “Nothing to see here, move along.” At the same time, Bush uses this to manipulate sympathy.

Trump’s comments against Hillary Clinton can only be described as that of a useful idiot. He states that Obama is a Muslim and suggests Clinton is behind this story. He keeps the e-mail story running as well, but really doesn’t get to the core of it. Consider that the e mail scandal was broken by the insider rag New York Times.  At the appropriate time, this newspaper will “conduct a further investigation” and clear Clinton of everything on the e-mails but carelessness. In reality, Clinton sells state secrets to the highest bidders and is a mole for the Crime Syndicate. But Trump role here is to serve up the soft tosses and look ridiculous doing it. Trump in the end will be a foil.


So Trump may be a prop used to vet issues that are bound to turn up in time and to misdirect attention away from the real smoking guns. He is there to create the underdog effect for criminals like Bush and Clinton (or whoever else gets anointed) so when they surge later, there will be a momentum, band-wagon effect. Although he has supporters on a few hot-button issues, he will in time let them down, causing even more political demoralization. Meanwhile, he serves as a big psy-op distraction and a means for the Crime Syndicate media to maintain some viewership and revenue in the contrived horse-race stage.


same ol’ script

If I am wrong (or right?), then there is a good chance the Crime Syndicate will have Trump assassinated under creepy circumstances. If I had to hazard a SWAG, it will be some offended illegal immigrant, and/or a Muslim or a “domestic hater”/Joker patsy. Naturally, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) will somehow have the narrative and manifesto at the ready on this individual or individuals.

This is designed to create and amp up even more trauma and strangeness around American politics. The incredible card game the Illuminati produced in 1995 has a card that is a dead ringer for Trump, including his “enough is enough” mantra and the warning: “At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you.”

created in 1995


For those of you unaware of these mind blowing cards, see the full deck. They have been eerily predictive and clairvoyant about a slew of deep-state, Crime Syndicate events, ranging from the WTC to theater shootings. If nothing else, the satanists are having their own little brand of fun with these cards, which were created in 1995. Nothing to see here, move along?



  • ruledbysound

    all masons in the game, trump is no exception. he held the pyramid even more prominently during his recent (david muir?) interview. also, an interesting watch is the SNL skit from just recently where Larry David plays Bernie Sanders. this one was all over the web right after SNL, being promoted. you will notice the character of “anderson cooper” (CIA MOLE piece of trash in reality), holds the “illuminati pyramid” for basically the entire skit. You will see his hands return to the position very purposefully after the camera switches back to him several times. all a script, even SNL making fools of those who believe presidents are elected and not selected.

    • ryan

      Sitting with his hands like that could mean everything or absolutely nothing.

      • okydokyartichoky

        you learn about it and then you are aware of all hand signals, trust me

  • Douteux55

    Hi Russ,
    I agree with you. I’ve never believed that Trump was a legitimate candidate. He always seemed to have some purpose other than the election itself. He’s a trigger for lots of issues and he does allow the Dems and Hillary backers to sound the public without being identified. I’ve always felt it was somehow his job to ensure that either Hillary gets elected, or he does thereby continuing the Cabal grip on the country.
    Your suggestion that he will fulfill his duties and then “disappear” has been voiced elsewhere and is the usual Bush/Clinton strategy. Heck, they even killed off Biden’s son after he saved Obama’s candidacy. I guess he knew too much.
    It also seems that a lot of what he says, while often true, is perceived as bluster and not taken seriously which plants the seeds of doubt everywhere. We’ll just have to ride it out.