World Trade Center’s Infamous 91st-Floor Israeli ‘Art Student’ Project


Israeli ‘art student’ project on the 91st floor of WTC Tower 1.

In the period leading up to 9/11, a group of Israelis (non-U.S. citizens) managed to secure “temporary construction” passes to perform work on the 91st floor of Larry “pull it” Silverstein’s leased WTC 1. These passes gave them access to the entire WTC complex. The pretense was an art project called the “B-Thing” and the group is called Gelatin.

After securing their passes, Gelatin proceeded to remove the heavy WTC windows of an office space on the 91st floor and reportedly constructed a prefab balcony outside of the building. Then they stretched “putty” around the windows and filmed it by helicopter as a stunt. The New York Times even felt strangely compelled to cover this story and considered it newsworthy, or a backstory. On the right is the photo of the balcony as shown in the newspaper article.


This may sound innocent enough for the dum dums except for the fact that photos — taken from the artists’ book called the “B-Thing” AND used in the Times’ article — from inside the 91st floor camp out revealed boxes stacked to the ceiling with the letters and numbering “BB 18” on the side. BB 18 is the model number for a fuse-holder accessory, as described:

Features/benefits of this product: “Purpose is to save space and workload in a complicated wiring situation. Decreases wiring terminations, small footprint reduces space requirements, reduces assembly time, prevents accidental finger exposure, quick and safe method of changing fuse holder configurations, allows for future expansion, improves troubleshooting, eliminates power distribution block.”

Also take note that the ceiling tiles have been totally removed and expose the steel girders. The following little gem, and perhaps a calling card, was included in the ops’ egotistical, self-absorbed and freakish book.


The impact points of the “planes” were at the 93-98 floors. Below, cartoon physics of an aircraft imprint created by its flimsy aluminum wings that could not penetrate steel exterior columns.


Wiley Coyote cartoon physics. You are being insulted by criminals.

Buried and apparently long forgotten is this 2002 Daily Mail story about the U.S. arresting and deporting 200 Israelis, some of whom posed as “art students,” for spying and espionage activities in the lead up to 9/11. In addition, here is the DEA’s report on Israeli activities in the U.S. just prior to 9/11. So much for the nonsensical theory that Muslims in Afghan caves pulled off this crime of the century.

A new book, “Methodical Deceptions,” explores the details.

  • Linda

    I did lots of research on the World Views students that lived in the WTC in raw space provided by Silverstein and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ). The towers were empty. The companies were in the towers in name only, not physically. This 911 WTC demolition job was 4 years in the making. The information is out in cyberspace.

  • Linda

    This article is a white wash. Gelatin had been living with other Lower Manhattan Cultural Council students, called World Views, in WTC 1 mainly on 91st Floor, also 92nd floor since 1997. They were in the LMCC program. They had 24 hour access to the WTC towers, were given raw space donated by Silverstein and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to live and work there. They were part of the 911 hoax which covered the 911 WTC controlled demolitions. 911 was a (Satanic) mega-ritual, Ode to Aleister Crowley by Crowley descendants and Crowley followers, along with masons, Zionists, occultists and other witches.

    Barbara Bush and Ann Cappelletti are illegitimate witch daughters of Aleister Crowley with different women. Ann was conceived with sex magick at Abbey of Thelema and had become a powerful sorcerer, much more powerful than Barbara Bush. Ann and Barbara got together in 1970. With Ann at that meeting was her son, John Cappelletti, the spitting image of Aleister Crowley.

    John Cappelletti comparison to Aleister Crowley

    Marvin Bush is the Bush that looks most like his grandfather, Aleister Crowley.

    Ann has been in the business of selling curses, spells, charms for years and years. Although conceived and born at Abbey of Thelema and Sicily, Ann was brought up the Strega community of Sicilian sorcerers in South Philadelphia. Ann Cappelletti was one of the two woman witches in the 911 cabal. Bush Cheney were two.

    Bush cousins, John and Mike Cappelletti’s demolition company got the demolition job for the U.S. cabal. The demolition work started as soon as Silverstein signed his 99 yr lease with Port Authority and New York and New Jersey. on July 24, 2001, by the masonic numbers, exactly 7 weeks before 911 2001.

    The demoliton crew was put together by the Cappellettis from Ann’s home in Upper Darby, PA, 80 miles from NYC. Witch Ann has a coven in the Upper Darby, PA area, from where they demolition crew was put together.

  • Para Clete

    Here’s a news
    anchor saying WTC7 went down, BUT it’s clearly still standing in the
    background. Now why would a News station have information on a building
    falling 20 minutes BEFORE it happened? – then suddenly, when made apparent, looses connection with the BBC?

    Riddle me that. 🙂

    • Linda

      Strategic Communication Laboratories, London, was hired to develop the 911 plot and write the scripts for the 911 actors, all planned for the 911 mega-ritual, Ode to Aleister Crowley.

  • Steven Riff

    Just curious. Have any of you actually read the news story as it was originally printed in 2001? Have any of you actually read the small book put out by Gelatin? Im guessing no to both questions.

    • sharpin la

      I read the news story. I also read the Gelitin website on the B Thing but not the book.

      • Steven Riff

        So then you know when the story was printed and when the B-thing actually took place … and if so, then you know why there was no connection between the B-thing and 9-11

      • Lipstick Lesbian

        Were there people who fell or jumped to their death from the 91st floor of the North Tower? The stories from he 91st floor of the North Tower has been the most puzzling to understand in addition to this Gelatin B thing. There have been several articles over the years that state”Everyone on the 92nd floor died, everyone on the 91st floor lived!” I have a hard time believing that statement.

    • Pascale1

      You obviously have why not precis both for us poor deluded dum dums!

  • Ilia Toli

    My theory is very simple. Those Muslims actually did it. Israelis knew everything in advance and enabled them. Alone Muslims had no chance on hell. Tower 7 was completely demolished methodically by (((juice))).

    • I cannot BELIEVE how many jew PLANTS there are on this site… You people make me phucin PUKE. You’re so phony you deserve to be hanged, burned and then shot. Useless “Israel” tittie lickers.

      • Ilia Toli

        You suck, for real.

        • sharpin la

          Margaret isn’t stupid. I wonder if she knows about their plans for Noahide law (Public law 102-14) too, the Talmudic wet dream that is at present being implemented. The justification build up has been unfolding for a few years – gay marriage, transgenderism, giving $$ to Iran, all building up the “explanation” for the upcoming “wrath of god.” We won’t be safe until we adopt Noahdie law! 😉

  • Joseph Martin

    Although 9/11 was horrific, I love this stuff. But alternative conspiracy theories can get complicated (the official story is an implausible conspiracy theory, too). For instance; if the plane didn’t make the imprint in the building, how did they know where to place the charges? They couldn’t have counted on the plane hitting the exact spot they wanted it to. So now we are into “no planes” territory. Which is fun stuff too.

    • Yeah I thought the premise that the plane couldn’t have penetrated building’s shell a weak one. The incredible thing was it’s ability to cause the simultaneous failure of all the building’s structural supports. It’s refreshing to see someone investigating the possibility that the deed was carried out by those who benefited most. Beware the Israeli art student.

      • Joseph Martin

        The thing that seemed weird to me is that all of the planes went inside, even the wingtips and the vertical stabilizer. I would expect something to bend and or break off but I’m not an expert. The main mystery is why the buildings collapsed so easily and so fast.

        Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are great.

        Pilots for 9/11 Truth are awesome too.

        • stonehillady

          We as Americans can never know the truth, because we have all been blackmailed, it is called the “Samson Option”, Israel’s answer if we ever accuse them of blowing up the towers, that Option is Nuclear. Not only was WTC wired but there are several across the nation and they have the so called red button, we go to war for them, with our blood and our treasure…..or else we will be nuked.

          • Joseph Martin

            Thanks Lady. You know your stuff. Have a great day.

    • round them up

      Too bad it wasn’t yours who dove off floors and blown to bits.

      • Joseph Martin

        I just mean I enjoy studying the subject. I also like reading about the Civil War in which about 600,000 died. That doesn’t mean I’m glad it happened or don’t feel for those who suffered.

        • Theodora Angelina

          Something I’ve been meaning to say, Joseph, is … While I know of your regard for NS Germany, I’m glad you identify nonetheless as a Constitutional Libertarian. It’s the American in me, I think. I’m not sure altogether what political philosophy I ascribe to at the moment. They all have problems. Would like to discuss this some. We never really do thrash these things out; why any of us who regularly connect on disqus hold to whatever views we do.

          • Joseph Martin

            So glad I saw your post. I was all over the place in my political philosophy in my youth but several decades ago I settled down into a pretty libertarian outlook but with culturally conservative sensibilities and a reverence for the founding fathers and founding documents . In the last ten years or so I have realized that my liberal upbringing and education had given me an unrealistic understanding about genetic/racial matters. My attraction to NS Germany goes back to when I was a kid and was drawn to it on a kind of aesthetic level. I just thought they were cool and straightforward. I thought that AH was amazing and even though I only saw him in anti-NS documentaries I still liked him. His speaking style reminded me of Beethoven, who I also loved.

            I can go on but there’s that for now.

            How about you? Have you always been so brilliant?

          • Joseph Martin

            Here’s some more.

            Back again Theodora,

            Although I always thought of NS Germany as fierce and militaristic (I found that appealing) they didn’t seem to possess the cruelty and barbarism that was attributed to them. But I accepted all the propaganda like a good schoolboy even though it didn’t ring true. It was only about three years ago that I started reading articles and watching revisionist videos. The Holocaust narrative just collapsed like a house of cards. I was mad at myself for being hoodwinked and mad at the people who who were benefiting from the deception. I really despise injustice.

            I have always been alert to and skeptical of the influence of Jews but have resisted becoming obsessed about it. It always drove me crazy that we weren’t allowed to even notice it much less discuss it. I remember watching a press event (about Bosnia I believe) where there were three Clinton Administration representatives; Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger and Bill Cohen. I knew that we weren’t supposed to notice what they had in common. More recently, when Janet Yellen was made the Fed Chair, I heard an NPR story celebrating what a diverse pick she was. The first woman in the position! When I shared my amusement with my sister, who is a brilliant person, she professed to not understand my point. When I spelled it out for her she was horror-struck that I would notice such a thing. I don’t think she has looked at me the same way since.

          • Joseph Martin

            One more thing, Theodora.

            Thank you so much for all our discussions. I enjoy the intellectual stimulation and I really appreciate your kindness. You always brighten my day. You are accomplishing more than just sharing your wisdom and helping people think through things. You are making people’s lives better. God Bless you and yours.

          • Theodora Angelina

            You’re such a gentleman, Joseph; the genuine article. Thank you for all your gracious, informed, and thoughtful answers. You bring good humour and good sense to whatever is under discussion. And, your’re far more effective for being so intelligent and incisive, without drawing attention to the fact. Very subtle, because it wears so well.
            I don’t know if I am always so kind. But, thank you. I can actually be pretty fierce, but as warranted, I like to think: in pursuit of worthwhile objectives, which includes relationships; or as provoked by someone’s being well out-of-line.
            It’s interesting all that you say about your travels, with respect to political philosophy. Will write more later about that. Also, I appreciate enormously your point about being aware without being obsessed on the matter of JQ. It can seem for some to turn into their raison d’etre, which is actually undermining of our side because it suggests we’re without substance apart from this point.

            More as I have time.

          • Joseph Martin

            Good evening Theodora.

            As far as political theory goes, I love the Federalist Papers and maybe the Anti-Federalist Papers even more. Those guys were so smart but they were pretty down-to-earth and I am able to follow their arguments. I share their love of liberty and distrust of centralized power.

            De Tocqueville is by far my favorite political philosopher. He eloquently shows that the genius of America was the strength of civil society. Cultural norms were so healthy and voluntary organizations were so effective that we didn’t need a strong national government. But he also saw that we were in danger of succumbing to a tyranny of the majority which has sadly come to pass.

            What are your thoughts and favorite writings on the subject?

    • When it comes to 911Truth it’s still best to stick to the facts that prove demolition, especially when sharing information that makes the official conspiracy theory impossible, that gets ignored by the war-profiteering corporate dictation-taking dinosaur media:

      • Joseph Martin

        Agreed Winston. I watched the towers collapse on live TV, like much of America, and I just couldn’t believe it. It just didn’t seem possible. I followed the initial “conspiracy theories” in the first couple of years after 9/11 but had pretty much left it alone after that. When I began to revisit it about a year ago I was amazed to discover all the great work that had been done more recently. Architects and Engineers are super impressive and the nano-thermite stuff is mind blowing.

        And thanks for that great link.

        • Floda

          I did what you did but sort of kept an eye on it. To me the best work was done by the old soldiers who run ‘Veterans Today’ and they discounted the nano-thermite to a significant extent as it has no explosive force. I’ve seen the pictures of the steel beams cut at a 45 Deg angle with the molten steel dribbling down, so I had my reservations on that.

          But what they opened up was the IAEA and US Department of Energy both of whom took soil samples from ground zero and found many radioactive elements there at 50 times normal background and included several elements present which can ONLY be explained by a nuke.

          I know this sounds crazy but the old soldiers have some serious people involved. They say Israelis stole as many as 200 Nuclear ‘Pitts’ from Fort Bragg back in the 1980’s and have ‘miniaturized’ some of these.

          They postulate a small nuke was placed under the 22,000 Gallon Tanks containing Liquid Freon gas for the air-conditioning systems and their Atomic experts say that turns a small Nuke into a small HYDROGEN Bomb which they claim accounts for the dustification of the Buildings.

          • Joseph Martin

            That is a fascinating link, Floda. Thanks for sharing that. I will have to do some rethinking.

            Keep up the good work!

          • Man of God

            A few days prior to the ‘twin towers’I had a picture come to my mind while sleeping of two tall skyscraper buildings which had what I can only describe as mushroom shaped clouds (which reminded me of the pictures of the atomic bomb Hiroshima in Ww2 when I thought about it ) on the top of each building. The buildings in the picture were near water.The day of the incidents I went to a regular part time evening job (and happened to be asleep that day) so had missed the coverage. No comments about it on bus to work(few people aboard) and no comment from manageress of gym(only colleague I regularly worked with evenings, occasional gym instructor present)or members of public that came in(small modern gym in basement of church) Had arranged a meet with friend after work at his place.When I arrived he said, (more or less)”take a look at this”. The TV was on and they were showing the fact that america was being attacked. I must admit to being shaken at that time, who would have the balls to attack america. The only prior scenarios in my mind had involved Russia and nukes so it seemed to me as if WW3 was coming an apocalyptic, world turning upside down feeling!! Me and my friend sat down and talked for awhile, then I remembered the dream/ picture I had had.This I mentioned to him and reached the conclusion that The God I had a relationship With (the father of Jesus Christ) had made known to me what was about to happen. It was this though that settled me. God Is in control and his children will not be shook!!! So even though I find 9/11 an amazing story and have looked at and still continue occasionally to consider what actually happened. The most enduring lasting connection I have with that day is how the God I believe in calmed me down. TO ALL SEEKERS AFTER TRUTH IT IS GOOD TO LOOK FOR IT.

    • Michael Moore

      Raytheon Missile guidance systems, Tucson, plus spare 747’s at the CIA’s Evergreen Air facility at Pinal Airpark, just a few miles north of Raytheon. A cozy relationship. A 747 sized cruise missile could hit your mom’s kitchen window…

  • John Pallyswine

    How much was this filthy waSSp paid by a dirty muu to post this crap??

  • 0jr

    World Trade Center’s Infamous 91st-Floor Israeli ‘Art Student’ Project
    save page and videos before you make it viral

  • Rick

    Kind of messed up that “Art” could do more damage to America than “Guns” ever could yet no one wants to ban art, or even limit the use of , or even restrict it.

  • One Voice

    If you hate Trump, think of this: Trump is the one who started telling us naive Republicans that it was perhaps the Saudis who were partly responsible for 9/11. Did Hillary let on about this? Has any other candidate been leaking info to the citizens, by way of their candidacy, except Trump?
    And now we have the new info about Prince Bandar.
    Many, many Republicans are now convinced that the US was complicit in the events of 9/11 and complicit in covering for the Saudis and their role in it. Many of us now agree, the 9/11 truthers, were right.

    • Noloferratus

      But unfortunately all the evidence points to Israeli Mossad as the ones who carried out the 9/11 attacks and Trump says “he supports Israel 1000%. ” Clearly Trump is a stooge for the Zio mafia.

      • Rick

        Supporting Israel & supporting the Zionists are two entirely different things

        • ddearborn


          NutenYahoo is a died in the wool Zionist first and “israeli” second.

        • Tucker Williams

          Surely you jest?

    • JockoMan

      Ask Trump about the supposed ‘dancing Muslims’… If there were ANY dancing mid easterners, they were Israeli’s… Or rather Khazarians

    • When will the gullibility end? Example #1: Donald Trump Endorsement for Prime Minister Netanyahu (00:35) Published on May 3, 2016 at newzalert YouTube Channel.
      2016 US Presidential candidate Donald Trump on TV standing tall against the “New World Order” in 2013 by endorsing the right wing Zionist Likud
      party in Israeli Occupied Palestine!

      Example #2: Donald Trump picks 9/11 inside criminal Rudy Giulani as Homeland Security Director (4:01) TRUTHstreammedia YouTube Channel. Published on May 13, 2016.
      What could be more frightening than the prospect of Rudy Giuliani at the head of the Department of Homeland Security. The former NY mayor has done nothing but stump for an unlimited war on terror, and now he may join a Trump Administration in one of the most unsettling positions of unchecked power.

  • to.. say nothing of EPA “mandates” on asbestos, imagine the access to structural beams during GHW’s “work” in the 60’s-70’s, that was “mandated”.

  • edc1234

    This is incredible but I do wonder about the other buildings is there any evidence that they had access to the other tower from this it only explains one building?

    • andy deadhead

      they had access to both buildings plus they was work apparently going on in the elevator shafts. people heard drills and hammering for weeks leading up to 9/11 and people said that they was trucks with no names on them coming and going. they is more but i can’t think of it all at the moment all singly nothing strange all together odd very odd and strange.

    • JockoMan

      It says at the beginning that they had “…“temporary construction” passes to perform work on the 91st floor of Larry “pull it” Silverstein’s leased WTC 1. These passes gave them access to the entire WTC complex. “

    • You actually ‘NEED EVIDENCE’ after what you just WITNESSED??????????? If the jew can take out 7 buildings, which you probably couldn’t even name as an American, they surely can take out 8. WOW you people must get paid REAL GOOD from isntreal (with Jew.S. $$$$$$$$, of course………..)

  • Hey Republicans, who set the charges on the beams? the night cleaning lady?

    • andy deadhead

      don’t be so stupid they was evidence that they were working throughout the night for weeks on the elevator shafts and god knows what else and who owned the security for the towers you have it one of the Bushes they is so many unanswered questions and so many lies that have been proven to be lies but noone seems to bring them up i wonder why. Open your eyes and mind just a little and then you will see what millions of others do.

  • I have been aware of “The B-Thing” on the internet since before Methodical Deceptions by Rebekah Roth was published. It has been on a lot longer though and I was shocked when I found I had missed it for years. But Roth added a very important piece of information. She looked up the DEA reference and found that some of these innocent little artists were actually trained in demolition.Unfortunately, her interviews on radio have not been transcribed and I have not yet relocated her information. When I do I will be sure to post it again and again.This article, however, is very commendable as it has exposed even more including the sketch stating “. . . the balcony is part of the plan.” It is ironic to me that these guys who set up the fuses may also, hopefully, light the fuse on the awareness that will blow the 9/11 plotters out of the water.

  • Dave

    So the Ziopigs used 911 to get Dumbmerika to fight their battle for them in the middle east

    Uh…just like they got the Romans to kill Jesus

    These guys always have someone else do the dirty work, so they have “clean hands”

    Adolf understood this simple concept

  • ruledbysound

    seeing as they are an art group, probably work with special effects, all that, plus the falling guy image below, they were probably involved in the creation of the fake videos of WTC jumpers that emerged. remember, those were also not real.

  • Another clue from the Gelatin book? “The operation room is hidden and the balcony is part of the plan.”

    • Darwin K. Hoop

      It would be interesting to see if that balcony area corresponds with the jettisoning of human forms. I suspect that most–if not all–of the falling human forms we say were actually mannequins with articulating limbs like the ones we saw in Nice and Paris. It is very unusual for people to jump artfully, or even in desperation from a burning building. I can find no references to this occurring during the burning of other high rises. What does make sense is for people to cling to the sides of the building while attempting to breath. Victims in these circumstances are not positioned to know that they face certain death and thus, it would be an artfully existential expression of free will to just go ahead and end things on their own terms. For all they know, help is but a few seconds away.

  • These “art students” idea of sick humor, from the Gelatin book-

    • Darwin K. Hoop

      I have seen no evidence to suggest the falling human forms were anything but the very mannequins we see in every Mossad false flag. No doubt, the “art students” were responsible for jettisoning these dummies in the most convincing way possible.

      • corners

        When you spout crazy stuff like that it makes other stuff we talk about seem crazy also. Ive watched hours of those videos, people jumped and fell.
        Fire didnt bring down those 3 buildings

        • Darwin K. Hoop

          Sometimes it’s best to read what you have typed a few times before you press the “post” button. Your message here is a case in point. First, who is claiming that fire brought “down those three buildings”? Not I. Nowhere can a reasonable person read that into my message, but you feel justified assassinating that straw man in my name somehow. Now, I want to see you explain why.
          Next, you make the mistake of describing my statement that I saw no evidence the human forms falling from the towers as me spouting “crazy stuff like that” without giving us the slightest reason to accept your reality over what I am hypothesizing. You may have “watched hours of those videos” but nothing in your message suggests your judgment is particularly sound and you provide no evidence whatsoever that these forms were people. The figures I witnessed falling from the towers were positioned oddly for humans and did nothing during the fall to suggest they were animated in any way. That a form spins and bends one leg at the knee for the entire duration of a fall is not evidence of human life. Were you a person of ability and constructive intent, you might have provided a video of a “jumper” gesticulating in the air. But you are not that person. Absent that evidence, you are an opinionated jackass that is not to be taken seriously on the subject.

  • Brabantian

    Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga on 30 November 2007, speaking to Italian daily Corriere Della Sera, said that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Israeli Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies:
    “All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe know well that the disastrous attack was planned and realised from the Mossad [of Israel] with the help of the Zionist world, in order to put under accusation the Arab countries and in order to induce the Western powers to take part in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    • John Pallyswine

      The Zionist world, a/hole, is .0002% of the filthy muu loving middle east

  • mrm27

    Russ, Ann Coulter mentioned the insane mentions of Israel in the GOP debate. It was repeated excessively. Some of the men even mentioned Israel in how would America be better after their term as president. The media is freaking out on her. After a search, I saw this article that points out the weird devotion to Israel by all candidates using a clever substitution of nations and stacking quotes one on top of another. Good stuff.

    • These American politicians are traitorous cucks. A quick look at the list of top political donors for 2014 reveals a striking fact: At least a third (2% of population) of the most generous 50 mega-givers were Jewish. In fact,contributions from Jewish billionaires and multi-millionaires dominated the top 10 spots on the list.

      Political activists have known for years that members of the Jewish community are over-represented in the field of political contributions. Now who they support in 2016:

      • mrm27

        Russ, “Cuck” reference; do you know of the cuckservative meme? Do you know of the #NRORevolt on Twitter? I’m one of the originators. It’s sad seeing my peers online be smeared antisemitic just for wanting the politicans who claim to advocate for my people to actually represent them.

        There is a worse “shadowy cabal of jewish donors” link from Forward last week…

      • Torchy

        Good gawd. Carly “Israel First” Fiorina is now No. 2 in polls. She keeps delivering this same chilling message VERBATIM on broadcasts, which tells you it’s a memorized script written by her handlers. Terrifying.