Was Tianjin Hit by Hyper-Velocity ‘Rod from God’ Kinetic Energy Weapon?

The post Tianjin Excuses, Explanations Aren’t Holding Water updates this initial article.

The fireball Saturday in the port city of Tianjin, China, has several startling features. The resulting crater within fractured rock indicates it could have been hit by a hyper-velocity, kinetic-energy, heavy-metal-constructed weapon (without a warhead) dubbed the “rod from God.” It is doubtful that an explosive fireball of chemicals could create a massive crater like this. This crater is being reported as 400 meters wide, and 7.5 meters deep.


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The first blast registered 2.3 on the Richter scale and the second 2.9. Eyewitnesses described what felt like a quake. USGS geophysicist John Bellini says seismographs detect man-made explosions in quarries all the time, but usually surface explosions are not detected very well because most of their energy dissipates upward into the air. The fact is that the Tianjin explosions registered a seismographic event that had as much energy as a small earthquake. One can reasonably conclude that unlike a surface explosion of chemicals, this kinetic energy released underground was caused by a powerful penetration of the surface.

“Rod from God’ technology has been in development for some time and prototypes could be available in the U.S. as well as other countries. Such weapons are not prohibited by the SALT II treaty and are treated as a conventional weapon that emits no radioactivity.

With the target an industrial area full of chemicals, such as Tianjan, the “rod from God” could trigger massive secondary explosions. No explosive warhead is necessary as a Mach-10 heavy-metal rod impact is sufficient. It very hard to trace back or afterward. It is super stealthy and nearly impossible to spot or intercept. It can be precisely calibrated. The rod of God is like an arsonist match, with the chemicals on the site taking care of the rest.

If the Chinese managed to find heavy metal fragments, the suspects can deny it and play dumb. Video follows of the closest person (accent is American) to film the fireballs. A second American (with rural mid-states accent) also had a front-row seat. These should be persons of interest to the Chinese.

The effect of this fireball can be visualized by this fly over. At 2:00 one can see the large crater right in the middle of the blast radius. There is no scorching around the crater as one might expect from chemical fireballs. In fact, the area around the crater for 200 meters is pulverized. One can see at the edge that it went through bedrock.


A pre-blast Google image from May can be compared to the blast site.  Look at the red boxes. The post-blast crater can be made out at 1. It is located in a largely vacant part of the lot.  2 marks the location of the warehouse that some finger as the explosion source. The scene doesn’t combine.

As the flyover continues one can see the effects of the chemical secondary fireballs in the surrounding containers, buildings, and car lots.

The next video explains the effects of “rod of God” science in simplified layman’s terms, especially at 2:00. The video after it goes further into the features and advantages of such technology.

This event puts China in a rough spot, as its fourth-largest port is shut down right in the middle of a stock market bust. The unsafe storage of dangerous chemicals in Tianjan is a slap to the face of a face-saving people. China would be the largest beneficiary of removal of sanctions on ally Iran. Tehran could deepen its long-standing relationship with the People’s Republic in the military, cyber and strategic domains. And there would be quite a bunker-busting message behind such a subversive attack: The realization that the U.S. — or worse, its out-of-control U.S.-crime-syndicate/ZOG associates — have a new weapon with which to intimidate the Russians, Chinese and Iranians. The currency war and dedollarization aspect is paramount as well. And here the U.S. warns China about agents operating in the U.S. This morning, Russia and China announced large naval exercises in Sea Of Japan.

I test run this at Metabunk to gauge legitimate counterpoints to this theory. Instead, I got this declaration by Mick West, the site’s main honcho, after he took down and censured most of my two posts on the topic: “Acts of war between non-warring superpowers using secret weapons systems are incredibly rare, and you don’t know what they look like.” End of story for ol’ gatekeeper Mick. He and his cohorts frequently employ the “you don’t know squat” meme to discourage and beat down even the slightest out-of-the box thinking or theorizing.

First of all, Mick, any basic college history survey course would quickly reveal that non-warring superpowers throughout the ages were engaged non-stop in covert and not-so-covert actions and plots against each other. Many were lethal. For those that don’t like to study or research but be entertained all the time, a viewing of the great HBO series “The Tudors” is illustrative. Has Mick ever heard of something called the Cold War? Relations between the US and Russia/China are hardly much better now.

Secondly, did the “whole U.S. government” plot to kill JFK and perp 9/11 or Tianjin? Of course not, but deep-state elements with government ties did. And since 9/11, the growing power of the deep state has become even more under the sway of a kleptocratic crime syndicate. This syndicate operates without oversight and totally outside the bounds of the “U.S. government,” but uses U.S. resources and that makes it especially scary. This scene from the pre-9/11 predictive-programming episode of “Lone Gunman” summarizes my point.

As Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard said in the mid-19th century: “In a theater, it happened that a fire started offstage. The clown came out to tell the audience. They thought it was a joke and applauded. He told them again and they became more hilarious. This is the way, I suppose, that the world will be destroyed – amid the universal hilarity of wits and wags who think it is all a joke.”

  • CrimsonFocker

    explosions can measure very easily on the Richter scale case in point a plant that stored space ship fuel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KuGizBjDXo

  • kgbgb

    On the basis of the old saying “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three times is enemy action”, I’m open to the possibility that this was not an accident.

    But, as Rocketplumber argues, the lack of reports of an incandescent object streaking downwards to the Earth argues very strongly against it being a Rod From God. (I wouldn’t insist on a video – China isn’t like Russia, where people drive with their dashcams on all the time, so any videos are likely to be of secondary explosions.)

    If it was hostile action rather than an accident, I’d expect it to be old-fashioned sabotage. Or, or just possibly, Stuxnet-style cyber-warfare, though it is not obvious what computer system could be interfered with to cause the initial explosion.

    Incidentally, in the first video, the explanation of why a stone causes more damage when fired from a trebuchet than when just dropped from the same height is complete nonsense. It is absolutely nothing to do with the time of flight. This “schoolboy howler” undermines the credibility of the video and anyone who relies on it.

  • JS353535

    Ehhh, this is precisely what you get when 3,000 tons of sodium cyanide, calcium carbide, ammonium nitrate and potassium nitrate combust. It’s one helluva bomb, like a miniature nuke with the focus of the blast concentrated at ground level. The barge loaded with 2,300 tones of ammonium nitrate that blew up in Texas City was the second largest non-nuclear blast in the history of the US and it vaporized 600 people in the blink of an eye and set fire to an entire refinery.

    The stress fractures do not mean a “rod from god” came out of the sky and hit the site. Besides, IF the US intended to blow that port, it would be 1,000x easier to just have a spec-ops asset infiltrate the port and plant an explosive. I think we’re trying to throw a Tom Clancy spin on something much more mundane. The fact remains that the Chinese are HORRIFIC when it comes to safety standards, and we all know officials love to be paid off because China runs on bribes! This was simply a case of improper storage of WAY too much dangerous chemical in the same location.

    BUT…….. if you want to rule out the “rods from god” theory entirely, we should just investigate what US or European satellite(s) just happened to be DIRECTLY above the port of Tianjin at 11:30pm on August 12th. Note: The X-37B was not in orbit at the time, it’s currently on the ground.

    • AkiraShima15

      Sure, but the epicenter of the explosion wasn’t near the warehouse storing the chemicals that supposedly caused it. Also his point about surface explosions not usually causing ground tremors seems interesting. And we don’t all know that China runs on bribes, do we? Or that they have horrific safety standards? That sounds like common knowledge that isn’t actually based in known facts.

  • dave

    Say what you will about this post and others that Russ produces…yeah, they’re all “kinda out there”…but [1] who knows, and [2] thinking out of the box is a healthy exercise

    Russ, you may want to apply yourself to writing spy/conspiracy thriller novels/screenplays…you have a great talent for viewing things “differently.”

    Always fun and interesting to read.

  • Brabantian

    Tianjin mushroom cloud points to Swedish engineer Anders Björkman’s detailed argument that no nuclear bombs have ever exploded or existed: (a) Mushroom cloud pics videos are chemical explosions, we’re just Pavlov’d to think they’re nuclear; (b) Hiroshima & Nagasaki were typical chemical firestorm sites like Tokyo, Dresden, Hamburg; ‘ground zero’ brick concrete steel stayed up, even their flagpoles etc; radioactive junk could have been dropped with chemicals (c) most Japan houses were wood so burned (d) Media hides witnesses who saw multiple bombers etc

    Nuke bomb terror has earned trillions for the cabal since 1945, & since 1960s has been major tool of Israeli terror against Arabs & world, 1967 & 1973 wars, ‘Samson option’ etc. Mordechai Vanunu is possibly fake re Israel’s nukes, he ‘leaked’ to MI5-MI6 London Times, maybe was on Israeli beach & only ‘in prison’ for photos, a faker like Snowden or Assange. We can also see why all 10 alleged ‘nuclear bomb nations’ played along in this scam:

    1945 – USA chemically bombs Hiroshima & Nagasaki (like Tokyo, Dresden, Hamburg…), also dumping illness-inducing radioactive items. Media, & Japanese witnesses who saw plane fleets, told to shut up. Nuke story sold by adding chemical-blast ‘mushroom clouds’ in film & photos – USA HAS NUCLEAR BOMBS

    1949 – Soviet Union accepts deal for Russian elites to get wealthy by playing along with Cold War & global nuclear terror – COMMIE RUSSIA HAS THE BOMB

    1952 – UK Brits & London financial centre don’t want to feel 2nd class as Anglo empire dominates world – UK HAS THE BOMB

    1960 – France chafes not to be 2nd class to roast-beef-eating Brits, accepts deal to become nuclear if they pretend to be the ones giving Israel nuclear technology – FRANCE & DE GAULLE HAVE THE BOMB

    1964 – China gets upgraded to major league to help justify escalating military spending – COMMIE CHINA HAS THE BOMB NOW TOO

    1966 – Israel gets to join the club as per earlier deal with France, in time to terrorise & intimidate Arabs in 1967 & 1973 wars – JEWS HAVE THE BOMB & JEWS ARE READY TO SAMSON OPTION EVERYBODY, later confirmed by ‘brave whistleblower’ Vanunu to MI6 London Times

    1974 – India takes deal to stop being so non-aligned & side more with big powers, insulting India’s own heritage by calling their bomb programme ‘Smiling Buddha’ INDIA NOW HAS THE BOMB

    1979 – South Africa’s white apartheid government gets to play act in compensation for all their abuse in Western media, but agrees in advance to ‘dismantle’ any bombs before Mandela or any black government can find out the scam … joins with Israel & Taiwan in bomb test WHITE RACIST SOUTH AFRICA HAS THE BOMB READY TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE showing ANYONE CAN GET A BOMB, but ‘bombs’ all taken apart & shipped away before Mandela takes over

    1998 – Pakistan is central player in new Western anti-Muslim theme & revving up ‘war on terror’, and Pakistan finally gets to upgrade to par with old rival India PAKISTANI MUSLIMS HAVE THE BOMB & OSAMA OR TERRORISTS MIGHT GET AHOLD OF IT, plus Pakistan ‘sells’ bombs to Saudi Arabia for extra bonus

    2006 – North Korea, always making deals for latest consumer products for ruling family & elite, gets to upgrade to nuclear club CRAZY NORTH KOREA HAS THE BOMB

    Whether nuclear bombs are real or not, it sure has been ‘good business’!

    • That’s a wild theory, although it is curious that nobody has used them since 1945. Unusual restraint apparently. Seems like some of these countries may be facades, but certainly not the big boyz.

      • dave

        You could also say the same for the moon landings…which were also a PR stunt by the cabal.

      • elbuggo

        I think you should have a second look at this issue. See if you can find a crater or an epicenter in any of the footage of the Hiroshima REPORTED nuking – you cant! The biggest explosion in the history of war didn’t leave any specific traces on the ground? How can you make yourself believe something like that? And so it continues…

        • Michael Davidson

          Because it was an air burst. The bomb was not detonated on the ground, it was rigged to explode at a certain “pressure” via an on board barometer. You can read this if you would like to understand a bit more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_Man

          • elbuggo

            Thank you for confirming that you can make yourself believe that it should be no specific traces on the ground after the biggest explosion in the history of war.

            The smoke plume rose to over 60,000 feet, according to the REPORTS, where do you think all that substance came from, and why wasn’t any traces left on the ground after all that materials went up in the air?
            All bridges still intact, and the streets free of rubble, no damages to the riverfront. There isn’t any sign of 1 big explosion on the ground whatsoever. The footage is very consistent with firebombing though.

          • Nigel Tolley

            That’s just so dumb. So they faked nuke tests in the Pacfic did they? I knew someone who was present at a UK test and he saw the explosion through the back of his head from the radiation. No chemical bomb can do that. Plus, you know, the millions of bits of evidence from all sorts of places.

          • elbuggo

            Still cannot find any specific traces on the ground in Hiroshima after the biggest REPORTED explosion in the history of war – why not? When was the first time they made nukes work if it wasn’t Hiroshima?

          • Nigel Tolley

            What specific “traces” are you looking for?
            There’s photographs of the radiation “shadow” left by those instantly killed by the radiation, & there’s a photo of the building at ground zero, directly under the air blast, which stands alone, with blasted rubble out in all directions from it.
            No conventional weapon could do that. 1000 tons of TNT would’ve been put where to do that blast, even if it were possible?

          • elbuggo

            We are looking for the specific traces left by 1 huge explosion that flatten the city, according to the REPORTS. The explosion must have had a center. Should be a crater there, at Ground Zero™? No, no crater. Should see traces after the shockwave where rubble and debris spread outward from the explosion center? No. The streets are surprisingly clean, without any rubble or junk. All bridges intact. The waterfront had no damages. Could imagine that the water in the river should have been hard hit, and flow over the riverbed and cause some specific damages, but no, cannot detect that. The riverfront was fine and undamaged too.

            Bank of Japan building survived, about 1500ft sideways from the REPORTED epicenter, and is still standing there today. Most of the people inside survived too. How could a flat roof still be standing and be sufficient to protect the people inside from the biggest explosion in the history of war? Roofs were built to keep the rainwater out, and not for protecting against and surviving nuke bombs right above. A flat roof is no bunker.

            The censorship after the occupation was severe. All the information we have came from these military controlled sources:

            United States Atomic Energy Commission
            United States Strategic Bombing Survey
            The British Mission to Japan
            The Joint Commission for the Investigation of the Atomic Bomb in Japan.
            The Naval Technical fission to Japan.

            Wilfred Burchett, “journalist” who wrote the first report from Hiroshima.
            David Goodman, “independent journalist” and co-author of “The Exception to the Rulers.”

            This gang could easily have created a lot of fake stuff and stories to make nukes appear as real to the public, supported by millions news reports.

            In any case, the footage we have is very consistent with conventional firebombing, and undistinguishable from the footage of the firebombed Tokyo and Yokohama.

            You really need a mind of a child to believe this story. For more, Google: anders bjorkman hiroshima

          • Nigel Tolley

            Not sure where el buggo’s reply is, but I’m fully convinced this happened. The detail on the Wikipedia page alone is enough, even without the hundreds of reports, photos and references.

            What on earth would you take as proof? What level of convincing does it take? There were 66,000 deaths immediately and many more from radiation, from a 13,000 ton equivalent bomb dropped from a single aircraft…

            Also, it was only the largest until the second bomb, fat man, was dropped.

            If it was all somehow conventional, why did Japan surrender?

          • elbuggo

            Re: If it was all somehow conventional, why did Japan surrender?

            As I understand it, Japan had tried to surrender for a long time but was denied that request for one or another reason. Japans Ambassador in Moscow was involved in some negotiates or whatever it was. Don’t have any links right now.

            On reason Japan went along with this Big Lie was that it gave the Army an excuse to get out of the war without losing face. No one could have expected the Army to have predicted this new monster weapon.

            After the surrender and occupation, the US could have threaten the leadership (easily): “Either you go along with this story or we will put you before a Nuremberg show trail and hang you all”.

            As I pointed out in the message stuck in the spam filter, all the information we have on the story came from totally controlled military sources – it was a hoaxsters paradise.

            We can use Wikipedia. Here is a photo of General Leslie Groves and Robert Oppenheimer at the Trinity crater:


            What kind of crater is this? There are still dirt and pebbles there, and not even a dent in the ground. This is just like on the Children’s
            TV, some stupid image of some silly fairytale, and some narrating. Doubt the children believe the shit they see. But you believe everything you are told without doing any research yourself if everybody else believe it, right?

          • elbuggo

            Here is a close-up if the shanty huts in Hiroshima. Very possible they burned well after firebombing:


          • Nigel Tolley

            Secondary effects are difficult to consider fully. Even if they didn’t burn immediately, if all the people are suddenly dead or rapidly dying, fires are going to get out of control. Then there’s no-one to put them out, & you get a huge fire from multiple sources.

          • elbuggo

            Spamfiter ate my 2 next posts too – I give up. For more, google: anders bjorkman Hiroshima


          • Nigel Tolley

            Hmmm. Having Googled, goggled and giggled at this first result, https://sites.google.com/site/wtc7lies/home/anders-bjorkman-s-world I don’t think his opinion is worth considering. Sorry.

            He believes:
            No planes at all on 9/11/2001, not even the one we all saw hit live.
            No moon landings – & no space travel at all!

            There’s plenty more. Frankly, he’s delusional.

          • elbuggo

            Spam filterr ate my post > http://i64.tinypic.com/2vkhtme.jpg

          • alnero02

            Where’s the evidence, this happened. It just isn’t possible.

          • alnero02

            I suppose you don’t believe a cow jumped over the moon once. There is irrefutable proof it DID happen.

          • elbuggo

            Like where? Shouldn’t’ be that hard for you to present some of this irrefutable proof, since it is so obvious, according to you.

          • alnero02

            …..and you took the bait….
            Marvellous !

          • alnero02

            But it it certainly knocked the motive for war out of the Japanese even to this day, or maybe there all in on it, as well.

        • alnero02

          Air burst. Works similar to mines.

          • elbuggo

            You still need an epicenter if it was only 1 explosion. You will not find any specific trace of that in any of the published footage. Where is the rubble in the streets?
            Explain why these concrete buildings (that didn’t burn) was standing there with their flat roof perfectly intact. Flat roofs are build to keep the rainwater out, not to protect against nuke exploding right above, and are not bunker quality. Explain that please.


          • alnero02

            Sorry, I have just realised – it was all a big conspiracy theory, obviously !

    • Donfor

      Um there’s also something else you might want to consider now to why there was an explosion in tanjian and I think this could be a better reason. What about the cloning they’re doing there. They just made an announcement about having first cloning plant cloning high quality beef cows and sniffer dogs etc. and I’m thinking they already had this going on in tanjian an now that the U.S. and Britain etc. top governments who control the world could have been responsible for making a statement with the explosion and now China is fighting back by bringing it out in open by using media but were trying to keep it secret at first or something and only way nothing else can happen to them is by making it public but cloning is the same thing as making a nuclear bomb people I you think about it. And exploding and using it but dumb asses tried to keep it secret I suspect but with it public and admitting to only pruducing cows so they can have high quality beef as well instead of buying it from us cause they were an couldn’t produce enough for their massive population, admitted it and then made it public and made it public only in a span of 6 to 8 months since it happened. These are just conclusions from what I’ve been reading in news . I’ve never seen anything so massive like this explosion in tanjian there is just something fishy about it I just don’t get it.

    • alnero02

      I know, 9/11 was the CIA / Mossad. Also they never went to the moon. Maybe nothing is real when you don’t want it to be. Maybe all the seismologists who detected the myriad of tests are all liars as well.

  • mikeginn

    Interesting idea, but after looking at the videos of the fire and explosions and local reports coming out on the internet I don’t think Chinese are considering a God Rod as possible cause. Just my opinion.

  • Rickkins

    Yea, you’d really have to be retarded to buy into this nonsense.

    • Good opportunity here to repeat what I wrote: as Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard said in the mid-19th century:

      “In a theater, it happened that a fire started offstage. The clown came out to tell the audience. They thought it was a joke and applauded. He told them again and they became more hilarious. This is the way, I suppose, that the world will be destroyed – amid the universal hilarity of wits and wags who think it is all a joke.”

      • JS353535

        Russ, I’ll be the first to suggest that you contact the Chinese government and tell them about your theory. I’m really curious to see what their response is. LOL!!

      • nothin_new

        The only clown in here is you…all this talk about rod from God, in retaliation for what? Currency devaluation? Please..there are other economic “weapons” the US can use if they wanted.

        • It would be useful if you actually read what I wrote before mouthing off. The fifth to the last paragraph gets into the possible whys, with Yuan devaluation being but one. One more is that China is also delivering the state of the art J-10 aircraft to Iran.

  • Torchy

    To summarily dismiss the theory as “stunningly stupid” or “BS” is unfathomably naive and willfully ignorant. Opening a comment with a disparaging remark is an unwelcome shill tactic meant to chill discussion.

    I’m not a subject matter expert on this topic, nor will I pretend to be one by throwing out a bunch of figures without citation. What I do know is that in this environment of advanced criminality and corruption, just about anything is possible.

    • nothin_new

      OK, but what is the reasoning for a deliberate attack?

    • Nigel Tolley

      Yes, but you understand that even a small meteorite coming down leaves a trail and boom, & hundreds of CCTV cameras and thousands (millions?) of Chinese didn’t see one, right? Let alone a tungsten rod the size of a tree.
      So in the absence of any actual evidence, it’s just a fringe theory.

  • Rocketplumber

    This is stunningly stupid. A hypervelocity impactor would be unmistakable, a searingly bright meteor streaking down out of the sky. Several videos show the fire before and after the blasts with no sign of incoming. The author of this article is Just Making Shit Up.

    • Really Sherlock, do you think this rod-from-God is the size of a meteor? This one may not have been much larger than a heavy metal chisel or small hammer. All they needed for a small 5 meter surface penetration. The super-stealth technology is spelled out in the two videos provided.

      • Rocketplumber

        A rod-from-god has a severe environment to penetrate. Reentry vehicle for nukes are a good example- entry velocity around 6 km/s, mass a 100-200 kg. They decelerate at very high gees, around a thousand gees for a 200 kg RV at 3 km/s at sea level just before impact. There are some very impressive videos on youtube of MIRV testing at Kwajalein.

        If you make the RV very small, say 20 kg, and made out of tungsten for better penetration of the atmosphere, the drag just before impact is 70 kN, the deceleration 350 gees, and plasma sheath is radiating at around 200 megawatts.

        A 1 kg mini-rod will not penetrate the atmosphere at any significant velocity- even a tungsten rod with high fineness ratio will encounter about 15-20x it’s own mass of air on the way down, and will slow to terminal velocity of around 100 m/s.

        The “rods from god” concept just doesn’t scale down well, and if you don’t scale it down, the incoming rod is incredibly bright- a 200 kg RV radiates about a *gigawatt* near impact… yet has only as much explosive power as a similar mass of TNT.

        • I am sure Chinese physicists are crunching these very numbers. The larger question is will they conclude a rod of some type was used. They will make the call not you or I. If they conclude positive we have a whole new ballgame and our little discussion will be over. And then what will be the response? So far it has been a big naval exercise.

          My point is that the rod didn’t need to be overwhelming for this job, just provide the energy to light up the chemicals stored nearby.

          • mikeginn

            I think the China Russia naval exercise has been in response to US pointing out that Chinese agents pressuring China nationals to return to China without US permission is illegal and needs to stop.

          • Nigel Tolley

            The more important thing to answer though is why not just use an agent to leave a small incendiary device, rather than using something which would start a nuclear war? If a small Rod would do it, why use one at all?
            (Radar would detect an inbound metal object too. I know that for a fact. Yes, they look for hypervelocity stuff – because ICBMs are very fast.)

        • Torchy

          RocketPlumber, I suspect you’re blowing our pipes after researching some of your assertions.


          • LoL, too good: much like a rod-from-God incoming Felix Baumgartner “radiating a gigawatt” upon rentry:

          • Rocketplumber

            You think an artist’s rendering is a coherent argument? It’s a dramatic image created for an advertising campaign. Read what I wrote:

            “a 200 kg RV radiates about a *gigawatt* near impact”

            in the context of “a 200 kg RV at 3 km/s at sea level just before impact”.

            Felix was at around 30 km, in air 70 times thinner, at 1/100th the kinetic energy of a missile RV. The animation is pure BS.

          • Of course not, we were jerking your chain, as Torchy said, “RocketPlumber, I suspect you’re blowing our pipes after researching some of your assertions.”

            What makes you think the rod was launched from outer space as opposed to upper atmosphere? Nor was a large rod required. It didn’t really need that much air speed to create a sufficient punch for this job. The explosive elements were right there on the spot. The target wasn’t a cow pasture, it was a chemical storage facility in violation of all basic safety protocol.

          • Rocketplumber

            If they didn’t know what was in those containers, their first twitch is to hose down everything. When Las Vegas solid rocket motor company Aerotech had a fire in 2001, the initial fire was successfully put out- but then the fire department’s hazmat team managed to drop a large container of magnesium powder onto the wet floor. The magnesium ignited spontaneously, a new fire spread and burned the building and several neighbors down.

            The owners of Aerotech claimed that they had told the FD about the various materials during inspections the year before, fingers were pointed in every direction. Even with good hazard communication, people screw up. A Chinese warehouse charging bargain-basement rates for hazmat storage? The local FD probably had a very detailed hazmat list that was a work of fiction.

            The bottom line of pure kinetic energy weapons is, if it will reliably produce an explosion on impact, it’s not stealthy; if it’s stealthy it won’t explode. You just can’t have it both ways.

          • JS353535

            The “upper atmosphere” as in from an American aircraft illegally overflying Chinese airspace?? Your theories are getting more and more schizophrenic. Walk into your kitchen, right near the toaster is a bottle of meds… I suggest you start taking them.

          • Did I say aircraft overflight? You are making straw man arguments. Straw man: insert points not stated, and refuting them vehemently. You act like you are are privy to all the state-of-the-art advanced technology.

            Saying someone needs meds is ad hominem attack not debate, so I just delete those.

            Tianjin is a coastal location. They could have used a laser guided stealthy device from offshore without munitions from various platforms as a catapult platform. Not an intercontinental launch. Covered here:


          • JS353535

            Uggghhhh…. I see “naturalnews.com” and I’m closing this browser window. By the way, there was just ANOTHER explosion in China also likely related to pisspoor safety protocols: http://muldersworld.com/watch.asp?v=acW52C67h68

            Good luck with your delusional theories Russ. The CIA is coming for your pancreas too! Better lock that sh!t down tight!

          • And a large one last night on a US military base in Japan. Yes, yes what a coinkydink. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOjqimYz5Sw

          • JS353535

            And yes, REALLY, they did.. because the vast majority of those firefighters were likely never trained in how to deal with a chemical fire of that magnitude. This is China we’re talking about, no Europe. There are no standards for safety. My wife lived in mainland China for two years, they’re still in the dark ages when it comes to safety and proper training.

          • Nonsense, China is not that primitive. You are talking about 75 year old methods. Firefighters putting out aircraft deck fire with foam in WWII.

          • JS353535

            You, sir, are making far too much sense for everyone on this thread that is going to believe this was something more sinister than it actually was regardless. Your logic and rational thought is lost in the white noise of armchair idiotbags who think they have a comprehensive grasp of physics or chemistry because they had it in high school.

            I commend your tenacity though!

          • Rocketplumber

            Baumgartner jumped from 39km, and drag limited his top speed to barely over mach one, about 380 m/s. At that speed, dynamic heating is trivial, less than 100 Celcius- of course there was no visible heating. Non-engineers just don’t understand the difference between mach one and mach ten- the energy density is 100 times greater. The kinetic energy of an object at 3 km/s is equal to the chemical energy in an equal mass of TNT, so just the air slamming into the shock wave in front of a hypervelocity vehicle instantly heats to over 5000 Kelvin, about as hot as the surface of the sun.

            Relevant equations are at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stagnation_temperature

            Here’s a video of Minuteman MIRV’s

            There is nothing stealthy about a mach 10 object ripping through the air. If such a thing were thrown at Tianjin, all the cameras filming the fire would have seen the glare overhead.

      • nothin_new

        Most meteors you see are the basically tiny dust particles.

      • JS353535

        Super-stealth technology? Dude… meds… you need them. Seriously. This isn’t even funny anymore.

  • europa3962

    what is the motive

    • stevepidge

      Yuan devaluation one day earlier on the 11th.

      • europa3962

        So the usa would risk the chinese blowing up the bond market by doing this. That is illogical

        • Your interpretation and worldview of what the “US” is may not be correct. For my general view carefully read the last paragraph and watch the Lone Gunman clip. Then if you want more color on this I have dedicated a hundred prior posts to help connect the dots.

    • Torchy

      Perhaps chill global manufacturing abroad.

  • mikeginn

    from CDC — imagine hundreds of shipping containers storing sodium cyanide all reaching critical temps at once

    Sodium cyanide reacts
    violently with strong oxidants such as nitrates, chlorates, nitric acid,
    and peroxides, causing an explosion hazard.
    Upper and lower explosive (flammable) limits in air are not available for sodium cyanide.
    Containers may explode when heated or if they are contaminated with water.
    a tank, rail car, or tank truck is involved in a fire, isolate it for
    0.5 mi (800 m) in all directions; also consider initial evacuation for
    0.5 mi (800 m) in all directions.

    • Sodium cyanide doesn’t just suddenly explode, it needs water and/or heat. Where did that come from? Well the water is visible in the crater. The kinetic energy from the rod is the heat.

      A 400 meters by 7.5 meter crater of this magnitude would not come out of a flammable gas sodium cyanide explosion. The videos show clearly that this was a giant heated fireball going straight up. Fireballs don’t bore 7.5 meters into limestone bedrock. Even if some nitrates went off, it wouldn’t do this. Nor would it cause a 2.3 and 2.9 quake. So that is the point of debate here.

      • JS353535

        It wouldn’t?
        I’m sorry, where is your graduate degree in explosives and chemistry?
        Please post it here, we’ll all wait . . .

        • Google photo of the crater, shown superimposed here showed no warehouse, and no containers at that crater location. Do I need an advanced chemistry degree to question your explanation that chemical explosions blew a 7 meter deep crater here?

          There are also photos and footages of pyrophoric blobs laying on the ground. Those do not come from the four chemical materials believed to be involved. Update was posted:

  • IAC


    Doesn’t look like any secret weapon to me. Video has series of explosions. But nor I’m going to going to spend anytime looking into this further.

    • mikeginn

      sure looks like 400 meters wide to me.

      • Rocketplumber

        On google earth you can identify several burned out buildings nearby, about 50-53 meters long. That scales the crater to about 100 m across, consistent with about 200 tons of TNT. I suspect somebody was storing large amounts of explosives improperly (and of course cheaply) to make a buck.

        This blast is comparable in size to the Pepcon disaster in Henderson NV in 1988, but there the death toll was only two because the fire department knew enough to keep their distance. Also there weren’t a few thousand apartment units within a mile (sheesh).

  • CDC: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/ershdb/emergencyresponsecard_29750036.html

    The debunkers can see this combustible theory doesn’t fly. so claiming firefighters ignited with water. Nonsense, no time for a response.

    Sodium cyanide is non-combustible.
    The agent itself does not burn.
    Sodium cyanide releases highly flammable and toxic hydrogen cyanide gas on contact with acids or water.

  • NOAA on sodium cyanide: will not burn (or explode) under normal fire conditions:going to need more than a firecracker.

  • Here are the largest non-nuclear explosions of all time. There aren’t many chemical explosions amongst them, mostly fuel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Largest_artificial_non-nuclear_explosions

    • JS353535

      WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?? The Texas City blast (#2 in US history) was an AMMONIUM NITRATE explosion. The bomb used to take out the federal building in Oklahoma City? AMMONIUM NITRATE. Stop trying to find something that isn’t there, you’re making yourself look like an idiotwagon.

  • People can go through the open source literature on sodium cyanide. What I spot is a highly toxic and flammable product when ignited. It is basically a combustible but not something with the force to create monster craters.

  • AZF Toulouse chemical plant explosion, yes chewed up and threw some loose soil around: http://gillenea.photoshelter.com/image/I0000uJR7yhB56qU

  • Aftermath of massive chemical explosion in Flixborough, UK. Everything scorched and burned to a crisp. Do you see a large crater? no


  • Torchy

    Thank you for reminding us to think critically about these events, be alert and question what we’re told.

  • Joe

    Russ, This is total BS. A large explosion will definitely register on the Richter scale and leave a big crater even if most of the blast is directed upward, i.e., unconstrained. I know this having worked with explosives for 30 years in the Army. Not everything is a conspiracy.

    • My friend I am merely quoting the USGS geophysicist John Bellini here, he says seismographs detect man-made explosions in quarries all the time, but usually surface explosions are not detected very well because most of their energy dissipates upward into the air.

      • Joe

        Obviously constrained explosions (i.e., underground) will shake the earth more than an unconstrained surface blast … but a big surface explosion like the one in Tianjin will definitely register. We used to blow tons of expired ordnance on the range (totally unconstrained) and the hole in the ground was bigger than a house.

        • Although it is still unknown, but the theory is that the chemical explosives were situated in containers. So they wouldn’t really be unconstrained. The Google map from May shows the crater location pre-blast to be more and less empty other than what appears to be vehicles.

          • boom

            Steel 40ft containers packed full of a solid explosive and heated to their ignition temperature are basically 40ft pipe-bombs. Now stack 25 of them together, with interlocked connectors and set a big fire off around them and you have something towards a nuclear reactor pile in terms of energy potential.

          • JS353535


          • Of course, but the operative words here are “set a fire”. How exactly?

          • JS353535

            Right, and in the past 4 months NOTHING was moved around or repositioned? You’re depending far too heavily on outdated satellite imagery. Bottomline: Occam’s Razor states that 3,000+ tons of highly explosive chemicals detonated in a country known for breaking safety rules, nothing more, nothing less. Your theory that the US would risk WW3 by using an as-yet-developed space based weapon as revenge against devaluing the Yuan is FAR more logical and rational, so let’s just go with that! Russ Winter has single-handedly solved this entire mystery. It wasn’t a chemical explosion folks, it was a tungsten rod from space sent by the illuminati…. who woulda ever thunk it!?!?

          • The photo was 3 months old. I very much doubt they would have moved containers out on the road, or even to the curb area. There also looks to be a curb cut there. The crater’s south edge is right out in the road.

            You have no clue whatsoever what these criminals might risk. Your Yuan point is another straw man, as I clearly stated there is more to it than just the Yuan devaluation. China is ramping up treasury reductions out of their reserve holdings. I have written at length elsewhere here about their monetary and economic actions. For a country (the US) with 18 trillion in debt that is the kiss of death.

        • General Smedley Butler

          There are too many surrounding and easily connectable dots, Joe, to ignore Russ’s theory and call it BS. One of the biggest problems we the people now face is our brethren’s inability to conceive of evil. The devil’s most important and effective deception has been to convince the sheep that he, and conspiracies, do not exist.

      • JS353535

        They also detect sonic booms all the time. And your point is…..???

    • mikeginn

      I think you should give Joe the benefit of the doubt here. From what I’ve seen of the videos and CDC website this was most likely a chemical explosion, probably the largest ever by far. I think people are nervous that your suggestion of US attack will go viral in China. Your preliminary thoughts expressed here are probably ok, and you are able to get a reality check from your readers before you try to take it to a wider audience. Trying to be supportive…

      • Torchy

        He never said it was a US attack, Mike.

  • Just waiting for the catalyst:

    Tianjin’s vice mayor said “around 700 tonnes” of sodium cyanide was being stored at the facility. That’s a problem because as it turns out, the warehouse was only authorized to store around 24 tonnes.

    • mikeginn

      from the video in your post, looks like more of a stacking containers than a warehouse storage situation.
      problem in that local authorities are storing waaaaay too much of this stuff, and will be in trouble.