New National Poll Indicates Viewers of WTC 7 Collapse Aren’t Buying Official Story

A new nationwide survey of 1,024 people conducted by online polling firm YouGov asked respondents to view the following video of WTC Building 7’s fall on 9/11 from four different angles. The results: 55% of those surveyed suspect it was caused by a controlled demolition, compared to only 21% who suspect it was caused by ordinary fires.

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The Hidden Suppressed History of Red Terror in Post-WWI Europe

“To overcome our enemies we must have our own socialist militarism. We must carry along with us 90 million out of the 100 million of Soviet Russia’s population. As for the rest, we have nothing to say to them. They must be annihilated.” — Grigory Zinoviev (aka Hirsch Apfelbaum), 1918

For some reason, Hollywood and the media scarcely pays the slightest attention to the history of the Bolshevik Red Terror. You won’t get much of the story on History Channel either. One would never guess that 40 million ethnic Russians and Ukrainians were murdered by thugs and goons over two decades starting in 1918.

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Bush’s 9/11 Classroom Satanic Ritual

As 9/11 went down, George W. Bush sat in a Florida classroom looking rather childlike and pervy as the kids recited words that can only be described as black magic: kite (or kike?), hit, steel, plane, must. Then they all assume a choreographed bowing position reaching for books. Remember high level occultists and Kabbalists love to leave little clues.


Nothing to see here, move along?

The “I, Pet Goat II” video.

Wrap-Up of Jakarta Attack: Traffic Hut Targeted

When examining potential hoaxes, one has to keep in mind that the storytellers may want you unfocused and all over the map. It’s preferable to focus on one scene or one element, especially when a good-look opportunity presents itself. One of the scenes in the Jakarta attack that fits the “good look” was the police hut. All the images below can be clicked to enlarge.

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Jakarta: Miracle Blue Underwear Protects Family Jewels From Bomb Blast

Say what you will about the Jakarta “ISIS” attack, it did provide comedic relief. A roundup of photos shows a large booted-and-suited police presence. There are some photos worth further examination.

First prize for suspension of disbelief goes to the miracle blue underwear that survived a bomb blast even though pant garments evaporated into thin air. If you are going to be wounded by bomb or grenade in a terror attack, it’s at least comforting to know that one’s family jewels (and legs) will come through intact. I recommend clicking on all photos to enlarge them because for once they went with reasonably modern photographic technology.

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John Hathaway On Paper Gold (Free Article)

Tocqueville veteran John Hathaway wrote one of the better papers describing the paper, or synthetic (words used interchangeably), gold market and the myths and fallacies around this trade. He echos many of the elements I have written about on this website, but I am selecting and highlighting some additional elaboration that is noteworthy, particularly on the hyper-traded paper gold market.

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Another Alleged Crazy Muslim With a Machete in France

Another “crazed Muslim with a machete” story is coming out of Marseilles, France, where a “youth” allegedly just randomly attacked a Jewish teacher on the street. The Times of Israel seems to have the narrative screwed up, as the picture below illustrates. It’s article states, “The attacker reportedly threw the knife before fleeing the scene.”

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