Is the 9/11 Detour Framing of the Saudis Breaking Down?

Saudi Arabia has told the Obama administration and members of Congress that it will sell off $750 billion worth of American assets it holds, if Congress passes a bill that would allow the Saudi government to be held responsible in American courts for any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. This is notable because it suggests that the blackmailing of the Saudis’ role as patsies is breaking down.

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Egypt Air Hijacking Smells Like Yet Another Muslim Demonization Agit-Prop

HP Files TransferThe usual Zio media suspects like Daily Mail were quick to come with this farcical story. We discover with the latest storytelling that yet another “Muslim crazy”– this time, a love sick, “pining for his wife” 27-year-old — “Seif Eldin Mustafa” managed to strap on a suicide belt and get on board an Egypt Airlines flight from Alexandria to Cyprus. Cyprus airport security is run by the same incredibly bad luck Israeli firm ICTS, which handled security at the Brussels airport and a lot more [see: “Israeli Security Firm ICTS Repeatedly ‘Fails’“].

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An Initial Look at the Brussels Blasts

I am posting this to spur steely eyed critical thinking on this Brussels event only, don’t shoot the messenger. I am not making a major call on this as yet but hope some eyes get put on this as the media spits out the images and narrative.

What to look for:

I do see after four hours that there are few photos or videos of anything other than general chaos, despite a narrative that there “are bodies and blood everywhere.” Yes, people are shown evacuating the airport and smoke-filled metro tunnel.


And per usual, some aid vehicles are spotted along with a few gurneys. Haven’t seen any real carnage yet, and there is supposed to be at least 34 dead and 170 injured. These may be coming, but in the real world that will not look sterile, nor would they be taken with fuzzy 1963 Dealey Plaza-era photography, as seen in the Paris Attacks.
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Wash, Rinse, Repeat of 2008: Another Bailout Cycle in the Works

At this point, even precocious teenagers with higher IQs know that the 2007-2009 financial crisis was largely about the Cabal setting up TBTF entities to issue cheap default insurance against the debt of insolvents. Then, the inevitable credit collapse happened, the insurance writers failed and their obligations were paid by the U.S. government to the same cabalists that hatched the scheme. This scheme was popularized and nicely covered in the great but scarcely attended movie “The Big Short,” which I reviewed here.

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Identifiers Used By Pedophiles and Child Rapists

There is absolutely zero doubt that like-minded satanists and pedophiles are a dangerous cooperating in-group that has infested powerful positions, particularly in the entertainment industry. In-groups promote and advanced their own ilk and are embarked on organized degenerate campaigns to normalize this sexual behavior and lower the age of consent. I discussed an example of this in my recent article about “Fuller House,” and it is my contention that this group and their pedophile practices are widespread.

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#Blacklivesmatter Makes No Attempt at Truth

The Black Lives Matter movement is another agitprop that makes zero attempt to look at the data or anything resembling the truth. It is used as yet another sleazy victimization meme and fraud to target another group: specifically whites as offending racists. Black Lives Matter is a particularly nasty strain of crybully and a lead element of the racial grievance industry. List of accomplishments these movements have made to the world …

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2 French-Jewish Teachers Arrested for Lying About ‘ISIS’ Assaults

I have advanced the theory that so-called ISIS (aka Daesh) assaults are deep state false-flag or hoax operations. The evidence is also strong that hoaxes can stem from individual Jews suffering from “Kosher Psychosis.” Daily Mail reports that French police arrested two Jewish teachers for false accusations and outright lies.

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